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Lenn Thompson

2003 Bodegas Luberri Rioja Crianza

  • 2003 Bodegas Luberri Rioja Crianza – Spain, La Rioja, Rioja (5/16/2006)
    Deep reddish purple in color. The nose shows pure fresh raspberry with lighth cinnamon spice. Fun nose and hard to get my nose out of the glass. Maeium acidty and tannin give way to a light sweetness, and short finish. Delicate wine that seems to be lacking a bit of body. Nice enough though.

    3 grape
  • D A

    The thing is with a Luberri crianza, its a very young wine (which explains the lacking of body) and usually has to be consumed within the year after it has been released in the bottle, really beautiful and a subtle wine. Interesting method of production too.

  • Ryan Opaz

    DA when did you try the wine last? As you see this note is from 2006, and i tasted it with the winemaker and owner! Looking forward to trying their wines again soon!