2004 Quinta do Feital Vinho Regional Minho Auratus | Catavino
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2004 Quinta do Feital Vinho Regional Minho Auratus

  • 2004 Quinta do Feital Vinho Regional Minho Auratus – Portugal, Minho, Vinho Regional Minho (9/8/2006)
    Alvarinho/Trajadura blend
    Deep daisey yellow in color. The nose took a bit to open up but when it did it showed white flowers, some rich citrus and a lot of cantelope! Completely dry in the mouth the wine is very rich with a ceamy peachy/melon quality to it. The finish lingers for about 15 secs and I’m left with a nice light fruit aroma in my mouth. Nice wine, though not very complex.
    3.5 grape
  • Food note: I had this Portuguese wine with an Asian spiced pork pasta dish I came up with. I thought it would be perfect, but in the end the dish needed a little sweetness and less citrus. The wine being low in citrus didn’t really find it’s match. Ginger, garlic, lime, orange, and some hot sauce made the pasta really nice. On the other hand the wine will do quite nice by itself as the rest of the evening unfolds!