2010 European Wine Bloggers Conference – Vienna, Austria | Catavino
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2010 European Wine Bloggers Conference – Vienna, Austria

Here at Catavino we’ve been known to roam, bringing you stories from London, Norway, Italy and India. Today, we are proud to say that you are about to hear a bit about Austria!  Some of you will have heard, but just to refresh your memories, we are the co-founders of the European Wine Bloggers Conference which takes place in a different European country every year. Our first conference was in La Rioja, Spain in 2008, followed by Lisbon, Portugal in 2009 and now, Vienna, Austria this past weekend – home to the grape Grüner Vetliner.

We’ll be writing more about the Conference, please check out the following links:

  • Photos – Visit the EWBC flickr group
  • Videos – If you get on Youtube and search for EWBC or ” European Wine Bloggers Conference ” you’ll run across photos from all EWBC conferences!
  • Twitter – Probably the most active venue has been Twitter. All you need to do is seach for the term #EWBC and you’ll see a firehose of content.
  • Adegga – Want to know to know what we were drinking? Check out Adegga!

Stay tuned….we’ll be back in Barcelona tomorrow and will provide you more information soon not only about this past weekend, but also 2011’s venue in Franciacorta, Italy!


Ryan and Gabriella

Photo by Andre Cid