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2010 World Cup: Loyalties Divide Between Spanish Versus Portuguese Wine

We have a dilemma. Tomorrow we are set to witness a fate that any aficionado of Iberian wine food or culture would call a disaster. Our loyalties to our adopted peninsula run deep, but we must admit that we are leading a double life, split along a divide of not only political borders, but more importantly, football borders.

Tomorrow, the 29th of June, we at Catavino will need to settle, rather uncomfortably, on the white picket divide when Portugal will play against Spain in the 2010 World Cup.

The silver lining to this story is that we are not currently in Iberia; and thus, we do not need barricade ourselves into our house so as not to arise suspicion. Safe in our temporary Washington state home, we can sit on a the fence and cheer without spiteful sneers from locals, or embarrassing yelps when the opposing team lands a point.

However, the greatest emotional stress we’re suffering from is not who will win, but rather debating between which wine to pair with this event? Beer, possibly, but downing an IPA at 9am PST does have its downsides. Consequently, there is a better chance that coffee will be the chosen beverage, unless we add a shot of Spanish brandy to the mix.

But enough about us. What wine will you pair with the game? What team will you be cheering for? What are your predictions as to the outcome? Please give us your best virtual cheer in the comments below!

GOOOOOAAAALLLL ES, PT, ES, PT….this is going to be a long one!


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