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62 D.O.’s

According to more than one source, the total amount of Denominación de Origens (DO) number anywhere from 60 to 64 with more applying each year. That being said, I’m proud to announce that I now have links to at least 62 Denominación de Origen’s, including 2 Denominación de Origen Calificadas (DOCa).

Denominación de Origen
A DO is the quality wine category for the Spanish wine equivalent to the French AOC. If you are a wine maker, this is where you most likely want to be. As part of the DO, you are monitored and regulated by a Consejo Regulador who oversee everything from the grapes you grow to how you vinify them.

What this means to us consumers is that with a little research, we can learn all we want to know about the bottle we are going to open tonight for dinner.

Take the time to explore a bit, they are all listed in the “[links->http://www.catavino.net/?page_id=2]” section of catavino, and next time you’re drinking a Spanish wine take the time to look up the DO here at catavino.com

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