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A job

Gabriella and Ryan

We have a job! It’s been almost two years since we were paid for our passion – wine. We were recently approached by Abadia-Retuerta, a Spanish winery for whom we have written about on several occasions to help develop their online marketing campaign.

So today, to make sure you understand that we intend to remain an objective source of online Iberian wine information, we feel it’s important to point out a few things.

First off, it is important to note that all of our articles about Abadia Retuerta were written well before they approached us with this opportunity. Secondarily, we were approached and did not solicit work with them. Also it’s important to know that our contributing author, Adrienne Smith, did post one article after we began talking to Abadia, but she was unaware of any negotiations going on at the time. We want to assure you that neither articles nor tasting notes have been written since our negotiations with Abadia began and we do not intend to write any other articles or tasting notes on Catavino in the future that are not “general” news related. Therefore, in keeping with our mission statement to offer you full disclosure, we wanted to inform you about our new business dealings.

We also want to curb any fears that we wrote the articles about Abadia-Retuerta in a positive light in hopes that they would approach me. This is not true. At the time, we were unaware that anyone would be interested in hiring us for internet marketing, but we can honestly say that we’re glad someone did. And if we’re successful in helping Abadia-Retuerta, maybe we can support other bodegas in the future. At this point, we have set up their new blog with the intention of making more people aware of this unique Spanish Winery. Incidentally, we believe they’re the very first winery in Spain to have a wine blog!

Our goal with Catavino Internet Marketing is to help wineries access markets outside of the Iberian Peninsula by using the Internet. We fully intend to do our best in making other wineries known throughout the internet, while at the same time, continuing to provide first rate content on Catavino.net. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us.

Otherwise, we’re both humbled by the opprotunity and excited to see what we can do for other wineries like Abadia in the near future. We’ll keep you posted!

Till soon,

Ryan and Gabriella Opaz