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A Moment of Silence for George Carlin

I remember being in high school and seeing Carlin’s Jammin in New York at a friend’s, girlfriend’s house. He was making the analogy that the earth created humans so that it could have plastic; and it was in that moment when I realized that through laughter you can also make a strong statement, while making people think differently. George Carlin pushed the envelope, and I’ll always have him in the back of my head when I stumble across something that makes me wonder about human nature and its stupidity. His seven words you can’t say on television/radio are a testament to how silly and arbitrary we moderate our populaces.

So today, we’ll celebrate his existence through a day of silence. He was someone who was not afraid to say what he thinks or tell us how he feels. Gabriella and I were fortunate enough to see him live in Minneapolis in 2005, and while it was not his best show, he none the less made us stop and reconsider. I know there are some great lessons that wineries could learn from George, but right now, I can’t…don’t want to think about it. Rather I just want to say thank you George. We appreciate what you did for comedy and for the thinkers of the world. And beyond all else, we wish to say shit, piss, cunt, fuck, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits; a small tribute to George and my one chance to type these words here at Catavino.

Enjoy this short favorite of ours and raise a glass of Cava to this comedy legend.

Gabriella and Ryan

UPDATE: Last Interview with George Carlin can be found here.