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A Week Exploring Lisbon in Preparation for the EWBC

Street Car LisbonYou would imagine that heading out to Lisbon 7 months before the conference might be a little eager, but as we see it, the sooner we can stir up a tidal wave of passion for this event, the better the event will be. Call it naivete, but passion and curiosity is what made us fall in love not only with wine, but with the people within this dynamic, complex and thought-provoking community. Hence, far be it for us to sit on our laurels, hoping that interest will stir naturally, when we can meet face to face those people who make Lisbon the incredible city it is.

And wow, is it ever an incredible city!

With our tour guide and friend, Andre Ribeirinho by our side, we spent close to a week touring venues, met with a wide range of potential  sponsors, brainstormed various ways in which we could make this conference unique and fun, and overall, basked in the food, wine and breathtaking beauty of Lisbon. And fortunately, we are happy to report that the enthusiasm couldn’t be more tangible and alive! If this initial burst of energy from Portugal is any indication of what will come in the next 7 months, this conference will rock the wine world!

Granted, eating amazing grilled fish, delicious creme filled pastries, perfectly creamy and flavorful espresso (some of the best coffee in the world), and a new and different Portuguese wine every night can add rose colored glasses to any situation. But if the fresh food and diverse wines of Portugal are to blame for my enthusiastic prose, it could be worse.

Clearly, we’re excited for yet another excuse to head back to Lisbon, if only to enjoy tender octopi drenched in a savory olive oil, perfectly browned and crusty breads, creamy and spicy goat cheeses, and fabulously delicious olives (maybe I shouldn’t be writing this article when I haven’t eaten yet?) We will be publishing some more articles in the coming days about the event, but for now, we wanted to catch you up on an incredible trip!

By the end of the day, what’s most important for us to convey to you is that over the next 7 months, we’ll need your input. No matter how much we would love to take several more trips to Portugal, they are meaningless without your feedback. Head over to the official EWBC website and give us your feedback on what Portuguese styles, regions or grapes you want to try. Let us know the conversations you’re interested in having and people you want to hear from.

In the meantime, we’ll do your best to keep you updated as news channels our way!


Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

PS check out Ryan messing up his EWBC announcement! 🙂 Tongue tied!

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