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Catavino keeps you current not only with the remarkable wine developments in Spain and Portugal, two of the most dynamic wine producers on the planet, but you'll learn about food trends, new dishes and restaurants and the ancient and modern cultures on the Iberian Peninsula. And you may not notice it, but Catavino also happens to be one of smoothest designed websites you'll have the pleasure of visiting.
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Catar [ka-tar] ES v. to look at, examine; (saber) to taste, sample
Vino [bee-no] m. wine
Catavino [ka-ta bee-no] .net a site dedicated to the wines of the Iberian Peninsula

Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

The idea behind moving to Spain began August of 2004, when both Ryan and Gabriella decided to buy a plane ticket to Spain. Now, there are some who may like to “plan” such an adventure, but these two like to live on the edge, daring to fly across the Atlantic to a country they had never seen, speaking a language neither had studied, and creating a life for themselves based on, well, chutzpah! With a few $1,000 in their back pocket, Gabriella started teaching English, while Ryan scoured the streets for work in the wine trade. After months of coming up empty-handed, Ryan began Catavino in June of 2005 to merely record his frustrations.

“For a country that has some of the most incredible and diverse wine in the world, why can’t I find anything comprehensive to educate myself!” he would say.

Based in Porto, Portugal, the two have founded Catavino, a comprehensive educational website covering Spanish and Portuguese wine through Iberian food, culture and travel. After years of exploring the Peninsula, they discovered that wine was the life blood and the common bond that unites this exceptionally diverse peninsula. And by sharing the stories that enhance, encompass and explain wine’s intricate relationship within the culture, we might better understand meaning and history of Spanish and Portuguese wine itself.

However, Catavino wouldn’t be possible without our talented and passionate team of correspondent writers located across the globe in 5 different countries. Without their vast and profound knowledge of Iberian wine, food and culture, our content would lack significantly in both breadth and richness. If you are passionate about Iberian food, wine or culture and would like to become a correspondent writer for Catavino, please contact us.

In the past 6 years, Catavino has grown immensely, allowing us to not only expand our website to include Iberian wine content as it relates to food and culture, but also enhance the wine blogging community as a whole by committing our time to equally important side projects, such as:

Vrazon, our wine marketing and conversation agency. With our partner, Robert McIntosh, we’re finding ways to build “social” into the wine world through our events, blogs, podcasts, client projects, speaking engagements, workshops and consultancy. Under the Vrazon banner, you can join the conversation in 5 distinct ways: Wine Conversation (our blog), Digital Wine Communications Conference, and Wineblogger.