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Ah the joys of running a website

Here’s a quick non wine related post. One of the joys of running a website(s) is looking at the search results. Because most of us “webmasters’ check our stats incessantly, our “compulsive’ behavior is sometimes rewarded with little tidbits of humor and insight into the human mind. As a “webmaster’, we have the capability to see what people searched for on various search engines before coming to our site. Not surprisingly, in most cases, people searched for “Catavino” or “Spanish Wine“, eventually ending up at our site. Today, however, I found a few searches that came up in our stats back to back that made me smile:
All verbatim, actual searches:

    • the wine smelled like clams – Google.com search

I wonder what the wine they were sniffing and if they found out why it smelled like clams!

    • is portugal known for Spanish wines – Ask.com search

This astounds me, and I really can’t figure it out. Do they know that Portugal makes its own wine? Do they think that Portugal is a part of Spain? What are they trying to figure out?

    • what do people do in their pastime in Madrid – Ask.com search

I hope this poorly worded but simple question led them to a page about sipping wine on a warm afternoon. Although, I’m not quite sure how you do a pastime? I do lots of things in my free time, but not so much in my pastime.

These are just some thoughts. Anyone else have a strange search result that they would like to share with us?


  • Dave Worthington

    Hi guys, I get a number of weird ones, but my favorate is "tiger raises pigs" when wacked into google. I'm the number 2 item 🙂

  • Hi guys,

    I get a number of weird ones, but my favorate is “tiger raises pigs” when wacked into google. I’m the number 2 item 🙂