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Albariño Videos

I found a few videos on the web today all about Albarino, a grape we featured recently with a Virtual Tasting. Sponsored by Rias Baixas and hosted by Doug Frost, they do a nice job telling people more about this great region and grape. Here’s one of the videos, with a link to a few others. Personally, I think it’s great to see a Spanish wine region willing to try something new and engage the Web 2.0 phenomenon. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

I found this set of video’s on a buried press release that came in through a google tag search. Very odd that this wouldn’t be in places that could use it. Also, I take back the “engaging the Web 2.0 Phenomenon”. Here’s what the end of the press release says: Registered journalists can access video, audio, text, graphics and photos for free and unrestricted use at

Give me a break! I’ve seen this twice today with Spanish wine sites I’ve been browsing! Why wouldn’t the information be available to EVERYONE who wants it. What are they thinking, that only the media will know what to say? HA! This is so backwards it seems silly to point it out.

Oh well, life goes on…

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