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All Gabriella Wants for her Birthday is the Assurance that you VOTED!

Today, Gabriella is officially a year older [he meant to say wiser] and looking better than ever [I swear that I didn’t bribe him with a bottle of scotch to say that]! 33 years of figuring out where she wants to live in the world and what she dares to do with her life, things are truly coming together for her. She has a nice house, two great cats, a bald stunningly handsome husband [how can I argue with that?!], and lot’s of wine!

Additionally, to her great fortune, she gets to celebrate her birthday on the most important day of the year, election day [it’s an honor]! And because we live in Spain, where the average voter turn out on election day is often 3 times the amount it is in the USA!, Gabriella is asking for one single wish on her birthday, GO VOTE! [PLEASE!]

If you are a US citizen, we feel as if it is a crime to not vote! You cannot complain if you don’t take the time to do this one little thing. It truly is the most important part of being a US citizen. So, please do it.

And if your not a citizen? Then you can vote in other ways:

So there you go! GO VOTE! Let us know in the comments that you did, and wish Gabriella a great Birthday!

As for plans tonight, looks like a dinner of Thai food per Gabriella’s wishes, with some fine wine, and good friends. Then off to find a bar to watch some election results. Could be a very long night for us!

Happy Election day to all!

Ryan Opaz [and Gabriella]

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