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All Gabriella Wants for her Birthday is the Assurance that you VOTED!

Today, Gabriella is officially a year older [he meant to say wiser] and looking better than ever [I swear that I didn’t bribe him with a bottle of scotch to say that]! 33 years of figuring out where she wants to live in the world and what she dares to do with her life, things are truly coming together for her. She has a nice house, two great cats, a bald stunningly handsome husband [how can I argue with that?!], and lot’s of wine!

Additionally, to her great fortune, she gets to celebrate her birthday on the most important day of the year, election day [it’s an honor]! And because we live in Spain, where the average voter turn out on election day is often 3 times the amount it is in the USA!, Gabriella is asking for one single wish on her birthday, GO VOTE! [PLEASE!]

If you are a US citizen, we feel as if it is a crime to not vote! You cannot complain if you don’t take the time to do this one little thing. It truly is the most important part of being a US citizen. So, please do it.

And if your not a citizen? Then you can vote in other ways:

So there you go! GO VOTE! Let us know in the comments that you did, and wish Gabriella a great Birthday!

As for plans tonight, looks like a dinner of Thai food per Gabriella’s wishes, with some fine wine, and good friends. Then off to find a bar to watch some election results. Could be a very long night for us!

Happy Election day to all!

Ryan Opaz [and Gabriella]

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  • Justin Roberts

    Since I can't vote in the US or Spain I'll vote for Gabriella! Have a good day.

  • Great post. Ithink that if you wont decide, someone will do it for you…but after the election day everybody complaints… So it is very important to vote. To you Gabriella congratulations from Vinixá´s team. We hope that we can build our friendship more and more. Have a nice day!

  • Patti

    Gabriella's in-laws have already voted and it was a huge turnout, we've never seen before, even before the polls opened this morning at 7:00 am….HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAB Girl, we love you and hope you have an especially happy birthday when the polls close and we have the right winner!! -Mom

  • Happy Birthday Gab!!!! PLease, please, please have the Coto de Gomariz Colleita Seleccionada with your Thai Food, it will be perfect!!!! Wish I was there for the festivities, but I have to vote today for your birthday present!

  • Just got back from the voting booths. They complained I was taking too long and I said they should be glad I was taking the time. Happy Birthday! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

  • gabriellaopaz

    Hey Michael, I'm not sure if the restaurant will allow me to bring the wine, but we'll bring it along and see if they won't make an exception 😉

  • Happy Birthday Gabriella!I got my vote in!Go Obama!

  • Linds

    Happy Birthday, Gab! You know I voted. MN turnout could be as high as 80% this year, which would put it at the top of the nation. Here's hoping…

  • Elly

    I voted the old fashioned way by going to the voting booth at a middle school. Starting next year, all of Washington State will be mail-in voting only. Mail-in ballots are way more convenient, but there's something special the polling place ritual. Maybe it's all the middle schoolers running around yelling, “Vote for Obama!” and the awesome election judges and volunteers. Happy birthday, Gab! May you get your wish!

  • Happy birthday Gabriella!****Beatriz

  • Gabi I wished you a happy birthday on skype, but that doesn't leave a trace afterward. So, although one day late, I want to leave my really honest wish of a very happy birthday, with all the good things that the world can provide you – health, work, money and lots and lots of friends and love. Ok nothing is perfect you got a bald husband heheheh!

  • gabriellaopaz

    Thank you all for your warm wishes, and clearly, my personal wish came true yesterday. The majority of Americans stepped out their front doors to stand up for what they believed in. Regardless of the candidate, we voiced our hearts, putting our fingers to computer screens and pencils to paper, to choose our favorite candidate. And regardless of the winner, I think we all can be proud that we weren't passive, but active. That, my friends, is the best birthday gift one could ever dream of!

  • Happy Belated! I voted – polls and Twitter- have always voted – Sorry, but have never understood why one wouldn't!Hope the outcome was what you had hoped-The Mustang Winemaker, Penny

  • Bill

    Hi Gabriella. Heartfelt, albeit belated, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Thirty-three is just a fine age. Only slightly past your physical prime but oh so much WISER. 🙂 I am happy to say that I voted on Tuesday, and furthermore, my vote actually counted (pity the poor shmucks thwarted by the byzantine intricacies of the Electoral system!),All the best. Bill

  • Haven't missed a vote since I came of age… and I wasn't about to miss this one. A more than welcome change. Happy birthday again, Gabriella.