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Victor de la Serna

All the Fun of a Virtual Wine Tasting without the Notes!

Last night, right when the sun was setting over the mountains creating an intense and beautiful collage of pinks and purples, we sat down to grilled green peppers and sausage and had a little epiphany: why not videotape ourselves drinking rosé instead of writing up a traditional tasting note! Not only was this idea a little wacky and crazy, but damn, we had fun! We not only were drinking a fun wine, but took the time to share our zany adventure with you.

So get out there and start having fun with rosé. Share it with us. Express to us how you like to drink rosé and how it compares to another rosé anyway you like. Dance. Paint. Write a poem. Just let us know how you enjoy your rosé!

As for the wine, we opened the 2004 Martius – Agricola Flaset-Marca. A blend of old vine, handpicked, red grenache (66%) and syrah (33%) that went swimmingly with grilled food, as you will see from my little “happy dance” I perform after tasting the dynamic duo. It was a 5.75 Euro purchase that was well spent. Although you may have difficulty finding this wine near you, you may be able to find a wine from the same producer. If not just grab a rosé and find your own happy dance!

Till soon,