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Another Iberian Winery Sent to the Sidebar – Cortes de Cima

Cortes de Cima

Today we are proud to announce another winery who will no longer be covered here at Catavino. Back in March, Carrie Jorgensen, one of the owners of Cortes de Cima, approached Catavino to assist them in creating a blog. Naturally, we were interested, as we like to help all wineries enter into this social arena; but beyond that, we were excited to be able to work with a client who in Portugal is known for its rebellious nature and tendency to stir things up a bit. Not to mention, that they are probably one of the top rated wineries in Portugal as a whole. Clearly, we were both honored and humbled to be of service.

Ryan first tasted their wines in January of 2007 when he was at a meeting in Lisbon. He knew very little about them, though he did like the wines. Big and bold, these are modern reds, but the nice thing is that they have a polished veneer of Portuguese about them. Cortes de Cima is the winery who first introduced the Syrah grape to the region of the Alentejo, going against the Portuguese wine law that forbid its planting. However, Cortes de Cima recognized the region and climate as highly suitable for this noble grape. Granted, we are firm believers of preserving and defending native varietals above foreign invaders, but in this case, we agree with them. The Alentejo region is down right hot. Actually that is an understatement. It’s effing, hot-damn, fry an egg on the sidewalk hot. Summer temps are normally well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit a Syrah thrives in this heat. But this is not to say that Cortes de Cima has turned their back on tradition or the region as a whole. They also produce wines from Trincadeira, Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet, Antão Vaz, Aragonez, Arinto and Verdelho. In fact, the 2005 Touriga Nacional is seriously one of the finest Touriga’s I’ve tasted from the region. As to the region, they also very conservation minded with programs in place to recycle water and reduce waste at every turn. We don’t want to say any more, but rather let them enjoy their new blog and start telling you the stories themselves.

So from here on out, Cortes de Cima will find a new home in Catavino’s sidebar. As we said before, if you are a winery with a blog, and you are inside Spain or Portugal, you will be added to our feed of stories from your blog. Your articles will be the only such feed on Catavino, and we hope that this offering inspires other wineries to start blogging.

As to Cortes de Cima’s blog, well it’s a work in progress. We have a lot of things we still want to add, and as all of you know, their will be plenty of things that will shift and move about as they get comfortable with the new set up. If you are interested, please head on over, leave a note and let them know what you think! Oh, and I do believe that they are the first winery in Portugal to embrace the idea of blogging. If you know of another Portuguese wine blog, please let us know, but at least for now, we have one voice from within this magical country.

Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

  • Philip James

    Sorry, I'm confused, why does their having a blog mean that Catavino will no longer cover them?

  • ryan

    "Catavino to assist them in creating a blog" Which translates to a new client for Catavino Marketing! Which makes us happy! :) and hopefully them too!

  • Andrea Smith

    Alright! The first Portuguese winery blog! I'll have to take a trip down to Alentejo one weekend soon and check them out. I definitely agree about bringing Syrah to the region, in general I always think Alentejo wines reminded me a bit of the Southern California style reds, that hot ripe fruit flavor with the high alcohol that you have to be careful of if you're drinking at a cocktail party hahaha :p Hopefully I'll be adding another voice from there soon!

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