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Attention all Spanish Bodegas – This is Why you NEED to Understand the Web

Wine Blog Wednesday

This past month, we participated in a monthly wine event called, Wine Blog Wednesday, which started long ago in a State far far way by a man called Lenn. The idea is simple. Once a month, a Blogger is picked by Lenn, among many,to choose a wine related theme. Once the theme has been chosen, the remaining Wine Bloggers, or any Blogger for that matter, writes a post based on that theme. This month’s theme was Spanish Value Wines with the caveat that everyone needed to write about a value-priced Spanish wine. When the results were posted, a total of 41 Blogs contributed with over 100 Spanish wines listed on websites around the blog-o-sphere. This translates to hundreds of articles about Spanish wines. Catavino contributed our own notes and included an additional list of Spanish wines contributed by Ex-pats and Spaniards located here in Spain.

The fact is, is that you may find yourself in the Wine Advocate or Wine Spectator one day. You may even go so far as to spend a good chunk of change to make sure your name appears in print. But if you want a free, easy and very effective way of getting your name out there, look towards blogging! It’s not your Grandma’s internet anymore. This is the new Internet. This is Web 2.0.

Ryan Opaz

This is just a small taste of the wines that were sampled:

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