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Audio Tasting Note – Our First lunch in Lisbon

Vinho Verde
Porco Alentejan

Part tourist trap, part great deal, Solar do Duque is not only a nice little restaurant we had lunch at last week, but it is also situated right near a bar we just so happened to have a drink at on our very first visit to Portugal four years ago. Located in a small, narrow alley along a set of stairs where a few restaurants are set up to serve lost tourists, the day was HOT, and we barely made it through the meal before melting into the sidewalk! Fortunately, we were not alone in our suffering, forcing all the tables to consume much water and wine, while our waiter somehow managed to speak in 3-4 different languages with sweat beading down his forehead. Here’s a quick Audio note from Gabriella and I about the wine and the food we ate. Plus, we add in a few tips on how to find spicy food in Portugal!

Hope you enjoy it!

Solar do Duque
Address:Rua do Duque, 69, Lisboa, 1200
Telephone: +351 21 342 6901

Till Soon,
Ryan Opaz

Ryan’s Tasting Note
Quinta da Aveleda 2005
White wine produced by Quinta de Aveleda in Vinho Verde, Portugal
Note: Almost literally green in color. The nose is moscato like with tons of peach, and citrus. Zingy acidity in the mouth with a rich mouthfeel and flavors of peach and lemons.
Food pairing: Porco Alentejana
Rating: 4 (in 5)
(Tasted on August 3, 2007)

Gabriella’s Tasting Note

Quinta da Aveleda 2005
White wine produced by Quinta de Aveleda in Vinho Verde, Portugal
Note: In the heart of Lisbon at a bar called Solar do Duque, we drank this perfectly light and refreshing lime green wine to ease our heat ridden suffering. With aromas of peach and citrus, the slight bubbly texture and bright acidity was the ideal pairing for both the food and the day. Nice simple fun Vinho Verde!
Food pairing: Boiled Octopus, green beans, potatoes and carrots
Rating: 4 (in 5)
(Tasted on August 6, 2007)

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