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Pitarra Wines: Spanish Wines Made with Flor

In summer, there are many reasons to seek mental comfort on this side of the Atlantic. Summer is a season traditionally associated to taking it easy and thinking lightly, or not at all, and Spain is no better location for such activities. On the other hand, we are acutely aware that Europe is heavy with a sense of doom and gloom. Currently straining to catch a mere glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, there’s no better sector to exemplify such frustrations than the wine industry, one of the main sectors leading the “mortuary” mood, save a small bunch of producers who had the foresight to invest their money into the foreign market year’s back when everything was easy and […]

Wine and Prejudice: Spanish Wine dismissed on

Editor’s Note: In a recent blog post about Spanish wines on James Suckling‘s website/blog, the Danish Barcelona resident, Marie von Ahm wrote an article that seemed to show a lack of understanding about modern Spanish wines. We invite you to read for context prior to continuing with this article. Catavino’s excited to announce our newest contributor, well-known Spanish wine journalist and taster, Antonio Casado, who has provided us a very comprehensive response to Maria’s rather perplexing article. The first time I met Marie von Ahm was in Madrid of last summer at an Italian tasting she organized alongside Gambero Rosso. She is a lovely and perfectly all-right person, but the fact they had named the event “Boutique Italian Wineries” made me uneasy […]