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Best Wines To Bring On A Spanish Sailing Holiday

Spanish wines are some of the rewarding in the world, whilst Spanish waters offers some of the best sailing in the Mediterranean. How about we combine the two? Our friends at Get Sailing recently asked Catavino to recommend a choice wine for three of their favourite destinations in Spain… Menorca GS: Arguably our favourite of the three major Balearic Islands, Menorca is smaller and less touristic than Majorca and more peaceful than Ibiza – the renowned party island. One the one hand it has hardly any high rise developments and on the other it boasts more beaches than its more famous neighbouring islands combined, making it perfect for that relaxed sailing vacation. This being the Mediterranean, conditions are rarely too […]

Bluffer’s Guide to Wine Tasting

After dragging travel expert, but wine novice, Duncan Rhodes around the Douro Valley for a week, Catavino was impressed with how erudite his previously untrained palate became in such a short time… or did it? The Urban Travel Blog editor reveals his top 13 tips for faking it during a wine tasting… Nimbly holding the glass by the stem, with a deft movement, I rotated my wrist to create a mini-wine-whirlpool in the bowl, maintaining a strict look of concentration all the while. Having given the wine a good work out, I stick my beak in so that my nostrils are practically wet and inhale deeply, with eyes closed. A studied pause and I’m ready to commence with the first […]

Welcome to Porto: The Gateway to the Valley

Editor’s Note: Today, we start the very exciting project of covering the Douro Valley for the next month. This means that all things Portuguese will be gracing your computer, consisting of a vast array of Portuguese food, culture, tourism, and of course, wine. Enjoy! For those arriving by air, the first impressions of Portugal’s Douro Valley start in Porto, a grand sprawling magical metropolis of 2 million people, cloven in two by the Douro river, which acts as a gateway to the world’s oldest demarcated wine region. I hadn’t been back to Porto since the European Football Championships in 2004, when the green and red of the national flag hung out of every window and balcony for the duration of the […]

Big Day Out in Barcelona: What to do in a very magical town!

Editor’s Note: Today we feature experienced travel writer, Duncan Rhodes, who is the Editor of who has kindly offered to shared some ideas on how to spend a day (and night) in the company of The Great Enchantress. Chances are, if you’re a regular reader of this blog and you’re on your way to Catalonia, there’s only one thing on your mind. You’re on a pilgrimage to the fertile plains of the Penedès and the Holy Grail looks suspiciously like a large wine glass full to the brim with the seductive effervescence of the region’s famous sparkling wine. But even if you’re a single-minded devotee of Dionysus it’s well worth taking a break from the vineyards and cellars which […]