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Can Spanish and Portuguese Wines Succeed in the Chinese Market?

Everyone wants a piece of China. These days, statistics about the country are tossed out from pretty much all corners of the globe. In fact, I’m starting to think that 99.9% of statistics relating to China – including this one? – should be taken with at least a pinch of salt. Reliable data about the wine markets here are, unsurprisingly, hard to come by. We hear of the “rise of China”, but shouldn’t it be the “resurgence”? The 50-odd years since the founding of the People’s Republic is a minuscule time period when placed in the context of hundreds of years of developing Han Chinese culture. However, although China has produced alcohols in various forms for centuries, grape growing with […]

Iberian Wines at Vinexpo Asia 2008 – A first hand account!

Editor’s Note: A few month’s ago, Edward Ragg of Dragon Phoenix Fine Wine Consulting in Beijing contacted us through Catavino to simply say “hello”, a gesture we always appreciate! With a little back and forth through emails over the course of a month, we slowly built a relationship, eventually asking Edward if he wouldn’t mind covering the Vinoexpo Asia event for us on Catavino. Lucky for us, he agreed and has provided us with two posts on the event, which I trust you’ll enjoy. Hopefully this does not end, and we look forward to more input from Edward as we move forward. For more detailed information on Edward, please check out our “about” page. If you want to be a […]