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Interview with Catalunya Tour Operator: Nico James

Editor’s Note: Nico James has been a long time friend of Catavino. A daring entrepreneur, with a wicked sense of humor, he’s been our “go to” man whenever we need a fabulous tour of the Penedes. Today, we’ve asked Nico to provide you a little background on what drove him not only to Spain, but to wine.    What is your background and how did you end up in Spain and working in the wine industry? Before I was bitten by the wine bug, I was working in Sales for a multinational company, but ever since I returned to Spain in 1999 food and wine was always top of my agenda. Towards the end of 2004 I was set on working […]

Part II: Interview with Roy Hersh of FTLOP – Douro & Port Wines

Editor’s Note: Following up our previous interview with Roy Hersh, creator of “The Love of Port”, we’ll tackle the American perspective towards Port wine. Go here to read Part I. The question we posited to Roy was: When you’re in the USA, what is today’s average wine consumer’s attitude towards the Douro table wines and Port wines? How has it changed in the past 10 years? Those are two very different questions. Let’s take Port and Douro wines one at a time to simplify this. Port is easier, only because Americans for the most part, really started to become familiar with Port in the mid-1990′s, with the emergence of the 1994 vintage in particular. Of course it’s a sweeping generalization, but please […]

Part 1: Interview with Roy Hersh of FTLOP – Portuguese Culture

Editor’s Note: Fortified guru Roy Hersh has been a dear friend of ours for many years. “For the Love of Port” grown tremendously since day one, attracting loyal readers spanning the globe as result of his passion, expertise and desire to share his newfound treasures.  Hence, whenever a question about Portuguese fortified wine stumbles across our keyboards, we quickly turn to Roy. Today, he will give us his perspective on a few undiscovered culinary and vinous treats, followed in a second article on the current state of Port in North America. Thank you Roy for your time! #1: It’s been awhile since we talked about FTLOP, how has it developed? What are you most proud of? FTLOP continues to evolve […]

Adegga Wine Market: Featuring Douro Wines

Editor’s Note: Catavino is excited to support 3 fellow innovators who have taken a very windy, but productive road, to find their crowned jewel. André Cid, André Ribeirinho, and Emídio Santos are the cofounders of Adegga, a social wine discovery tool, which eventually spawned the Adegga Wine Market. The Market is now on its 5th addition and is growing like gangbusters. Today, we’re featuring an interview with André Ribeirinho about the Adegga Wine Market as one of many places where you can not only seek out Port and Douro wines, but quite often, meet the winemakers themselves. If you happen to be in Lisbon, please take a moment to check it out! Can you tell us a bit about the Wine Market and […]

John Radford: A Spanish Wine Writer who will be Missed

We are incredibly sad to announce the passing of one of the great Spanish wine writers, John Radford. Having written dozens of articles and books on Spanish wine for over 20 years, his passing has come as a huge tragedy. John’s desire to share his passion in wine began in the early seventies with a lecture series and column. By 1981, his wine column was syndicated to all local dailies throughout the UK in the Coventry Evening Telegraph; but it wasn’t until 1989 that John was commissioned by ICEX, the Spanish Embassy Commercial Office in London, to write the trade/press textbook for Spanish wines The Spanish Wine Education Notes. His very first book on Spanish wine was published in 1998, which  not only became […]

Spanish Cocktail: Lemon Cava Sorbet

Typically, early morning hours in Spain are gorgeous, with a gentle breeze that delicately caresses your skin, awakening your senses and offering the perfect compliment to your first cup of coffee. Paired with pan con tomate, or a simple yoghurt and fresh fruit mix, it’s my favorite time of the day! Recently, however, I’ve been dreaming of becoming a contortionist so that my body can bend, twist and fold perfectly into my freezer, next to the frozen shrimp and random peas scattered across the top drawer. Just the thought of it right now sends delicious chills down my spine. In short, it’s HOT!! And when it’s this unbearable, anything that is even remotely cold in temperature sounds exquisite – that includes […]

Please Name Me!! Newest Addition to the Catavino Family

Today, we would like to announce a brand new addition to the Catavino family. It has a crooked tail, large feet, black fur, piercing gray eyes and zero paw-eye coordination. And no, it’s not a troll, or an ewok (though that would be cool), or a spider monkey (on my future list however!). It’s 1 month old kitten. The kitten was found online and collected just north of Barcelona along a coastal frontage road in Mataro. The adoption process, albeit a bit sketchy, with me climbing into the back of a tinted black Volkswagon Passat where a plastic container of 4 kittens were tumbling among themselves in freaked out desperation, took all of 10 minutes. And although 3 of them […]

Wild Boar: A Weekend in the Mountains Roasting Pig

There is something mystical about a weekend away, at least for me. I become exhausted from the endless cement scenery, especially when the summer weather screams for full-on nature, for fresh air, for childishly play in the sun. Thus, taking a few days to enjoy the scrub brush forests of Tarragona that seep aromas of thyme and rosemary sounded heavenly – and oh, it was! One couldn’t ask for a more beautiful afternoon to celebrate a pig roast among friends high in La Mussara. La Mussara is the highest peak of the Serra de la Mussara – a subrange of the Prades Mountains – located just an hour south of Barcelona as the crow flies, or 3 hours depending if […]

Barcelona Restaurant Review: Komomoto – Featuring Nikkei Cuisine

Although Catavino primarily focuses on traditional Spanish cuisine, there is something to be said for featuring new and “hip” restaurants that grace our gritty and romantic city streets of Barcelona. And what better cuisine to focus on than a fusion of my two favorites: Peruvian and Japanese. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my history with Sushi restaurants, allow me to give you a short primer: I’m absolutely addicted. The addiction runs so deep, that if I even pass a sushi restaurant on the street, my stomach churns in desire, my palms sweat in anticipation and I find myself jumping up and down like a 4 year old eager to open her first present on Christmas day – […]

Wild Fires Rapidly Spread through DO Alt Emporda

Yesterday afternoon, as gentle wispy clouds zipped through the summer skies, a wild fire sparked in the northeastern wine region of Alt Emporda, located just along the French border and along Mediterranean Sea, followed by a second not 6 hours later. According to the Minister of Catalunya, “Strong winds gusting up to 90km/h (55mph) have rendered one fire ‘out of control’.” All 135,000 residents in the country have been ordered to stay indoors and away from the licking flames. Approximately 13,000 hectares of woodlands have been claimed, as well as three lives. Reports stated that approximately 80 firefighting crews from both Spain and France are working diligently to control the blaze, which is quickly advancing southwards towards the famed city […]