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Adega Condes de Albarei

The Condes de Albarei winery is internationally recognized for elaborating their wines with an aromatic, long-standing Albarino grape native to the Salnes Valley in Galicia. Formed by more than 400 partners who own over 170 hectares of vineyards, the winery produces an average of 1.5 million bottles of wine annually.

Martin Codax

What you are looking at here is not your average little winery tucked inside the rolling green hills of Galicia. Martin Codex owns the largest vineyards in the entire DO Rias Baixas wine region, approximately 215 Hectares in total. With the help of the mid Atlantic climate bringing a wet humid climate and Rais Baixes unique soil type, the Albarino grape has thrived, potentially helping Martin Codex become the giant it has.

2003 Paixar Bierzo

2003 Paixar Bierzo – Spain, Castilla y León, Dragonte, Bierzo (6/30/2006)Dark bloody red color with aromas of dark wood, grilled steak, green pepper and cassis. Forceful tannins with medium acidity. Flavors of charcoal and cassis on the palate. Well-balanced wine that went deliciously with a reduced blackberry salsa.