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Part 1: The Best Wine and Tapas Bars in Madrid

Editor’s Note: As many of you know, through Valentine’s Day, we are hosting a contest for a free print of the Douro by submitting a question into our new Q&A section on Catavino. If the question can be answered, we’ll do our level-headed best to find it. For more information, check out this post. Here is one recent question proposed to Catavino: “what are the ‘must-visit’ tapas bars in Madrid? I’m planning a weekend jaunt and want to visit places I missed last time. And what about decent wine bars (and I’m not talking sherry here guys)?” And although we’re passionate foodies, and have lived in Madrid in our recent past, we felt it would be more appropriate to ask […]

Gulas and Txakoli

Editor’s Note: Once again, Janelle Norman joins us from the bustling city of Madrid to share with us her first experience eating the traditional Basque dish called, gulas. I first tried gulas at a Basque friend’s house. As he showed me how to cook these imitation baby eels, he reminisced back to his childhood (25 years ago) when “angulas”, the real ones, were more plentiful in the river inlets of the Bay of Biscay. His family would buy them live and store them in the refrigerator. He remembers some times the little critters would escape and his mother would find the toothpick sized critters all over the walls of the fridge. Since then, the world population of eels has dropped […]

Tempranillo – A tapas bar in Madrid

Editor’s Note: Janelle Norman from Tapas Talk, graces our presence again with her recommendation of a popular wine bar right in the heart of Madrid. Nestled in the maze of streets within the neighborhood of La Latina is your destination for delicious Tapas, good wine and great atmosphere, the street of Cava Baja. Since the 16th century, this street, which had been the moat outside the medieval city walls, has been a place to meet friends and taste food, both local and from the outer reaches of Spain. During Madrid’s first boom of growth, thanks to Philip II’s establishing Madrid as capital in 1561, the city saw its population triple in a short amount of time. Cava Baja became a […]

Lomo of Guijuelo

Editor’s Note: Our resident contributor, Janelle Norman from Tapas Talk, has written a charming article on one of Spain’s most appreciated cured meats, Lomo. One my favorite “embutidos”, or cured meat, in Spain is Lomo Embuchado, or cured pork loin. Don’t tell anyone, but I like lomo almost more than cured Iberian ham, or jamon. If I have both sitting in front of me, the lomo disappears a bit faster. A few months ago, when I was with my boyfriend visiting his parents in northern Spain, they served lomo along with an aperitif before lunch. They announced that this “lomo” is from the Denominacion de Origin of Guijuelo, which is acclaimed around the world for its exceptional quality in Iberian […]

Taberna Almendro 13

Taberna Almendro 13 is located in the neighborhood of La Latina, and area which once encompassed the first settlements in the city of Mayrit (Madrid) around 900 and later the Muslim quarter of the city once it was under Christian rule. Cava Baja was the road that surrounded the city walls in the middle ages and since that time has been the location of posadas and restaurants serving the culinary specialties of “immigrants” from around Spain. Today, this area is considered one of the best places for Tapas and quality wines by the glass in Madrid. Taberna Almendro 13 was one of the first bars I was introduced to in city, and has remained one of my favorite Tapas bars […]

Gourmet Cheese in Madrid

Two years ago, Food and Wine magazine talked of the revolution in Spanish artesian cheeses. After being outlawed for decades under Franco’s dictatorship, Spain has only recently been rediscovering and bringing back their artesian cheeses. Spain celebrates its regional cuisine, and if you ever comment on your plans to visit the Basque country, Leon, Galicia, Cordoba, etc., the Madrileños favorite advice is “Alla se come muy bien!” You eat well there, or as we would say, “The food there is great!” Food is almost more important in a Spaniards mind than the historic monuments they love, but are accustomed to. However, they would rarely, if ever, let sightseeing get in the way of a proper three-course lunch of the region’s […]

Taberneros – Taste and Fusion, Spanish Style

Tucked away in the quiet maze of historical streets between the Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace in Madrid is a fun inventive restaurant that I love to visit for special occasions and entertaining visiting friends. With climatized glass wine case and warm brick walls Taberneros is a harmonious mix of modern and the traditional. This theme is also reflected in the culinary creations you will be served. Some Spanish classics are available such as the salmorejo cordoba. In Cordoba, gazpacho is traditionally reduced to a basic sauce-like consistency and served as either as a dip or a soup called salmorejo. This dish is served in small portions and dressed with chopped hard-boiled egg and julienne strips of cured ham. […]

New: Weekly Spanish Wine, Food and Culture Series from Madrid

Editors note: As we continue to expand our list of contributers to Catavino, we would proudly like to introduce Janelle Norman. Janelle hosts a wine blog covering all those little culinary gems in Madrid you wouldn’t find unless you were in the “know”. Upon request, she is also available as an informal guide of the city. She’ll be writing a weekly column for us on Madrid’s food, wine and culture. Enjoy! For those who are planning a visit to Spain’s bustling capital, who are just curious about Spanish wine and food, or just in love with the city, I will be writing a weekly food and wine article direct from Madrid. I’ll share the hidden and authentic Spanish Tapas bars […]