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Sherry at EWBC 2008 and Alvaro Domecq

Initially, I thought I would be the only person bringing sherry to the EWBC 2008 invitational tasting, but once things got going, I was pleased to see that some Osborne Fino Quinta and the Manzanilla and Fino from Equipo Navazos (Nos 7 and 8 ) had made an appearance. The more the merrier, as far as I was concerned. I think the guys from Vinustv provided the Navazos wines and that Osborne had sent a few bottles of Fino Quinta to Catavino. Navazos are doing really interesting things, but this post is about the wines I took along, which were from Alvaro Domecq here in Jerez. A not insubstantial number of bottles where donated by Alvaro Domecq, and they also […]

Los Rebujitos: Mixed Drinks Traditionally Savored during the Andalusian Festival, Feria del Caballo

There’s a tradition in Andalucia for fairs – Ferias – in the spring and summer. The format is generally the same: The Feria lasts about a week; there are corridas (bullfights) in the afternoons; it’s held at a temporary “tent city”, usually on open ground near the edge of town; dancing the “Sevillana” (Sevillana video) is encouraged; women wear Flamenco dress and there are always horses and carriages, bright colours and music. Feria is a time for the whole town or village to let down their hair and have some good old-fashioned fun. The ferias started off as horse or cattle markets where the dealers set up tents (casetas) to entertained clients with wine and dancing. They have kept the […]

How do Spanish Sweet and Fortified Wines Size Up on an International Scale?

One of the things I was trying to get a feel for, at this year’s Vinoble, was how Spanish sweet and fortified wines compared to those from the rest of the world. I was not very good at asking about prices, so I’m afraid I don’t really have a view on the value-for-money, but I was pretty good at having a taste. It struck me that, as far as quality is concerned, spanish sweet and fortified wines have as wide a variety in quality as any other countries, or regions, and the best of these can easily hold their own against the highly touted from elsewhere. For me, at the top of the pile is definitely sherry. Some of the […]

Vinoble: A Sweet Wine Experience in Jerez, Andalusia

Editor’s Note: Justin Roberts is one of our new contributing authors on, having recently agreed to share his experiences of Iberian wine from his home in Jerez de la Frontera (Andalusia). We’re excited to have him aboard as he has a vast amount of knowledge he can contribute to our site after obtaining both the Advanced Wine and Spirits Certification and the Sherry Educator’s Certificate. Couple this with his unique perspectives having lived in South Africa, Argentina and the UK, as well as being from Zimbabwe, and clearly, we have a wonderful new addition to our site. Last week I spent every hour possible at the sixth edition of Vinoble. Held every two years, this wine fair is unusual […]