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The Spanish Wine that Dominates Comfort Food

Rioja wine could very well be the best wine to match with food. When I say food however, I mean real food. Not filet, not confit of duck, not even pork belly….I’m talking about food that we all love, the type of food you scoff down with enjoyment level set firmly at 11…in other words, comfort food. COM·FORT FOOD noun,  ˈkəm(p)-fərt – ˈfüd – a food that requires very little in preparation, is simple to make or can be ordered on the phone for pick-up or delivery. Maybe a slightly contrived definition but when a wine is able to match with comfort food, it puts it on a whole new pedestal. Sauternes and foie gras, caviar and Champagne, I smite these […]

The Garagiste Festival: Central Coast Tempranillo shows best, as a bachelor

Editor’s Note: Still buzzing from his findings on West Coast Tempranillo scene, Louis Villard headed to Paso Robles to attend The Garagiste Festival.  There he found a mix of producers using the grape in the traditional and not-so traditional styles. The weekend of November 17th heralded the second annual Garagiste Festival in Paso Robles.  This festival is different to most as it celebrates the smaller producers of the wine world.  To attend wineries must make 1200 bottles or less a year. One main feature of going to a wine show with small production wineries is that a lot of the hoop-law and fireworks surrounding these events are set-aside. Here you are talking, for the most part, to the person who […]

A Snapshot of Tempranillo Producers in Oregon and California

Tempranillo is by far not the most grown grape in California and Oregon, but with a few dedicated producers it will at least be noticed. Let’s celebrate Tempranillo Day on November 8th for those dedicated few who have taken the time and energy to create something amazing from this little “foreign” grape. It is an exciting time for Tempranillo on the western US and part of the reason why is sitting right in front of me. As I type this story, I’m sipping a wine that just might be one of the biggest surprises I’ve come across all year, a Tempranillo from Oregon. Let me elaborate, a fine example of Tempranillo from Oregon, made by the winery Abacela. Abacela is […]

Grubstake: A diner serving burgers…..and Port(?!)

Without sounding too patriotic or gung-ho, I can confidently say there is one thing America probably does better than any other country: that is, the late night diner.  Sure, we have all those 2012 Olympic golds, and up until a few weeks ago, we had the Tour de France too, but where we can really claim our fame is the diner. The diner symbolizes the glory days of America, Edward Hopper paintings and Saturday Evening Post covers.  A place where your coffee cup is never empty, your eggs come with a steak, and there are three choices for an ice cream beverage: shake, malt or float. Grubstake is a late night diner in all its Americana glory.  Located just off […]

Calbariño: The Future of Albariño in the Golden State of California

Editor’s Note: With International Albariño Day right around the corner, we sent Louis Villard, our newest addition to the Catavino crew, to the heart of the movement in hopes of enticing you to participate this Saturday! For most, it’s Rias Baixas, the coastal, northwestern region of Spain that comes to mind when talking about Albariño. The grape flourishes in this maritime climate and produces a memorable wine of distinct white peach, apricot, melon and mango flavors.  It has been compared to Riesling for its acidity profile, as well as Viognier and Gewürztraminer for its rounded mouth-feel. It is these two features of vibrant acidity with yet full palate that makes the grape and subsequent wine, so unique. Here in California, Albariño is being […]