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Get Up And Crawl! – Best Spanish Tapas in New York

Nary has there been a person who has lived in Spain and not participated in a tapas crawl. This time honored tradition has all the makings of a night of gluttony and debauchery if not attempted correctly; but, hey, who cares if you eat and drink too much and get a little crazy?  You are in Spain! Having participated in a few tapas crawls in my day during my time in the Motherland I was craving the feeling that one gets when sharing a bar counter with friends and strangers alike. Incredible food and drink coupled with conversations as varied as the individuals sharing them. At times, the food almost seems secondary to the company, but all have their place […]

Drink Ribera Grand Tasting

Emerging from the subway station in SoHo, pelted by rain drops and blasts of frozen air, the anticipation and excitement of today’s event kept me warm inside. The day had finally arrived. The Drink Ribera Grand Tasting event was only an hour away. Today’s events promised to impress even the most seasoned wine professional, not to mention one extremely enthusiastic Spanish wine consumer. First, a little about the Ribera del Duero region of Spain. Ribera del Duero is located on Spain’s northern plateau approximately two hours north of Madrid. The region extends into four provinces – Castilla y León, Burgos, Segovia, and Valladolid, and practically dissected horizontally by the Duero River. Wine-making in this region dates back more than 2000 […]

3 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Culinary Vacation

It seems that the holidays are all but a distant memory now. For those of us who spend our 40+ hours a week in a mundane, unfulfilling job the only glimmer of hope is the occasional day off due to a random holiday popping up on the calendar and, of course, vacation! This is where our story begins… As I sat at the mahogany-colored desk situated squarely within the four walls of my dreary, beige-colored office adorned with posters of travel destinations – any of which I would rather be visiting than where I was at that time – I dreamed of a vacation that was different from any that I had ever experienced previously. I could return to Spain […]

Cataluña in California: Holiday Recipes and Iberian Wines

Whether you live in a bustling metropolis like New York City or a quiet Catalonian countryside the holidays are about food, family, and fun. I must admit that I would rather spend my holidays in Spain, but as with most of us this can be quite cost-prohibitive! So, I opt for the slightly chilled air of San Diego, California; but that does not mean that my holidays need be void of Spanish influence. As a result, “Cataluña in California” became a reality in 2009. As most are well aware, Spain is a country rich in tradition. Would you expect the holidays to be any different? Not hardly. The holidays provide yet another reason to celebrate and party. Who can resist […]

Restaurant Review: Costa Brava – Heritage And Passion: The Recipe For Success

“I was frying cabrito [baby goat] when I was 13 years old,” Javier tells me when I ask him how he got started in the restaurant business. Javier Gonzalez, the owner of Costa Brava Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar in San Diego, is truly a blend of Northern Spain and Southern California. With his thick brown hair pulled back in a pony tail and an extreme passion for his homeland and restaurant, Javier and I set out on a two and a half hour journey that would take us from Santander to San Diego and back again. I was happy to sit back and enjoy the ride – the incredibly enjoyable ride. Santander is the seaside capital of the autonomous […]

Rick Fisher: New American Based Writer for Catavino

The passions of Spain’s past, present, and future run through my veins as sure as great juice flows daily from wine casks around the country. My grandfather was born in Sarrià, a small barrio in the northwestern part of Barcelona, in December 1909 during a time when street violence and church burnings strengthened the influence of the anarchists who would rule for decades. Generation upon generation of my ancestors traversed the roads and byways of the Spanish countryside – from Barcelona to Malaga; from Aragon to the Canary Islands. The news of my heritage had a profound effect on me from as early as I can remember; and although I resided in the heavily Spanish-influenced state of Florida during my […]