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Victor de la Serna

Back in a Flash

Church tower, Collioure

As you all are aware, our posts as of late have been dodgy at best. Between my parents being in town(and traveling about Catalunya, note the photo), our house needing a lot of work and the weather being incredible, we have had little time to actually put our fingers to the keyboard. However, we have had the opportunity to chat with some winemakers recently and this year’s harvest may have been considerably more successful than I originally thought. Granted, the Alentejo has been has has a rough go, while places near us tried to harvest before the rain arrived. None the less some winemakers I have talked to are even excited about this years prospects!

And to be honest, we are quite excited ourselves. Our exciting news is of a contract to do internet marketing for a major Spanish bodega! We’ll let you know who this Bodega is as soon as we get their site up and running and we have the time to create a short disclaimer about our policy as far as mixing work and information. We do plan to maintain the same level of quality and objectivity that we have always brought you.

So,next week we’ll be at full strength! We have a podcast from the Cava house, Cordoniu, as well as some new regional profiles and much, much more. Gabriella and I will start doing more virtual tastings as we unravel the mysteries of Iberian wines and Adrienne is back from a long break in the States and has offered to send some new articles our way. Craig Donofrio has even offered up an article about a big Spanish wine tasting he attended in New York recently. I hope that one works out as it sounded like a lot of fun.

So for the weekend, go try a French wine! We’re giving a tour of Madrid to my parents for the weekend and will be back next week, full throttle!

Till soon,

Ryan Opaz