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Best Catavino Photos of 2008 – Which is your favorite?

Fall VinesI both love and hate Flickr. Some of the censorship issues have wavered my confidence in staying with them, while at the same time, the desire to upload my favorite pictures, and photos, gives me a great vision of the past year. After glancing through my photos from 2008, it seemed ludicrous not to share some of them with you. However, there are 219 in total, even after I went through the set with a fine tooth comb. I hope you enjoy the slideshow, as they’re a great reminder of all the fond memories we have from last year!

Cheers, and here’s to even better pics in 2009!

Ryan Opaz


PS: the photo in this post is hands down my favorite shot this year. I hope I have more of them next year!

PSS: Click the title of this post to see the slideshow if your in your feed reader or reading this on the homepage.
PSSS: You can even buy prints of a few of these by following this link: Buy my art at Otherwise just contact me if you are interested and we can work something out.

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  • Dylan

    Wow, these are great. What kind of camera do you use? Are there edits used after in photoshop, or do you just depend on the natural light given to you in these shots? You have a right to be proud, they are very professional.

  • Dylan

    “One day up on the Coast” is my favorite in the series.

  • Janelle

    The one of Txarlito!! Seriously, These are really great. I don't know if I can choose just one, but there are several that I really like, Great job! Heres to more in 2009!

  • Enobytes

    Absolutely stunning slideshow! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ryan Opaz

    Canon450…All natural though I do shoot RAW, and convert in Lightroom, so I can “develop” the photos fully. THanks for the comments

  • Ryan Opaz

    Thanks for liking them! :) and Janelle Txarlito is a good one! I too hope 2009 has a few more nice ones in it

  • Andrew Chapman

    LOVE these photo's Ryan… make me very envious of your skills against my own very poor efforts, by comparison, earlier. The black and white ones are especially evocative. Stunning!

  • cheap wine

    I liked the rioja vines picture best. Very cool.

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