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Bierzo, a New Taste of Spain – New York Times

Bierzo Article in the NYT

Within a span of an hour yesterday, we received notification from friends and family about an [article published in the in the New York Times->], about the Spanish wine region of [Bierzo->]. It’s great to know that people are looking out for us, as well as seeing the mainstream media taking notice of some of the lesser known Spanish wine regions. The only way they can continue this level of growth as Spain moves towards the 70 DO mark (I think it’s coming sooner than later considering we’re already at 64), we need to grab the attention of the world press and wine drinking community.

The article gives a nice softball recap of the region and touches on the indigenous grape of [Mencia->], while providing 10 additional so-so tasting notes of the Beirzo wines that can be found in the US. The best part for all of you readers is the chance to get the names of the importers who are bringing these wines in so that you can find them. I really like Bierzo (pronouced: bee-er-tho), and hope to make it up there this year; but for now, I’ll have to be satisfied with tasting Mencia from Madrid. If you have a chance to purchase one, I highly suggest it; and afterwards, you can post the label on our [Catavino Flickr group->] along with a tasting note!