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Bio-Dynamic Winery? – Without the Organic Mumbo Jumbo!

We have a great article coming out in a few days from Adrienne Smith on Organic wines. She’ll dig into the pluses and minuses of Organic wines and dispel some myths. With this in mind, I ran across an article today that made me smile. I’m all for organic, but I also understand the other side of the coin. Having worked in a co-op in Minnesota, I became a little jaded towards both employees and customers who were soooooooo afraid of anything that wasn’t Bio-Organic-Eco-Buzzword laden that I eventually concluded that they were the most paranoid and frightened group of people I had ever met. Often we would get into debates as to whether a product was intrinsically bad for the environment if it wasn’t organic.

Today, I just so happened to run across this article on a winery in Rioja that went Bio-Dynamic! Filled of connotations of organic agriculture and bio-goodness, it sounds a little hippyish, no? Well, it is, and it’s a winery that is working with great stuff like solar panels and water recycling to reduce waste and energy consumption. We love to support environmentally friendly ideas! Although the winemaker might disagree with me when I say it is a little granola in nature. When asked if the winemaker did Organic farming, he replied:

‘I don’t believe in it,’ he admits. ‘I like to keep my feet on the ground; that’s why my winery is how it is. It’s just good logic.’

Organic is nice but non-organic is not necessarily all evil. Check out the up coming article and see what you think. I’m going to try to try and chat with this winery and see if I can’t dig up more information.

Till soon,

Ryan Opaz