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Catavino keeps you current not only with the remarkable wine developments in Spain and Portugal, two of the most dynamic wine producers on the planet, but you'll learn about food trends, new dishes and restaurants and the ancient and modern cultures on the Iberian Peninsula. And you may not notice it, but Catavino also happens to be one of smoothest designed websites you'll have the pleasure of visiting.
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Bud Break is Upon Us

Bud break is here! Bud break? What do you mean by “bud break”? Bud break is the time of year when the small buds on the previously dormant vines begin to swell with sap and nutrients, whereby pushing forth the […]

Salón Internacional del Club de Gourmets

Just wanted to mention that next week, I’ll be busy with this year’s edition of XX Salón Internacional del Club de Gourmets. It is an annual gastronomical event in Madrid for the finest producers of specialty gourmet foods and high […]

For the Love of Port Newsletter V3 Iss14

It’s arrived again. Roy Hersh has just released his latest issue of For the Love of Port Newsletter. Here’s the Table of Contents for this month: The Producers: A listing of Port companies and their websites Roy’s Tasting Note: 1991 […]

Interpreting the Portuguese Wine Label

The Windy Road of the Portuguese Wine Label If there was one wine style synonymous for Portugal, it would be Port. The sweet, creamy and fruit forward wine has been a personal favorite of mine since our first visit to […]

Catalan Cork Law

Early last week, I came across this article: ”Put a Cork in It” regarding a new law in Catalonia which effectively outlaws the use of anything but cork for sealing wine bottles. At first, I was stunned, shocked and outraged […]

Grape Profile – Red Grape! – Our first Project

In reality, “red grape” is not much of a description, but this was the exact description that was given to me when I first purchased this little grape vine a few weeks ago. What you’re looking at in the picture […]

Bodega Profile – Herdade de Malhadinha

Last month, I had an afternoon appointment at Quinta Malhadinha in the Alentejo. My goal was to visit a Cooperative in Reguengos and then head South past Beja to this new winery in the hopes of finding some new exciting […]

Spanish Cava Primer

Every dining experience tends to be made up of dozens of small choices that can dramatically change your enjoyment of a meal. Smoking or non? Eat-in or take-out? Lo-calorie salad or deep fried cheese? It may just be that I […]

Winners? Spanish and Portuguese Chardonnay’s

It was about 6 months ago when we had a somewhat lively debate here at Catavino regarding the merit of having numerous wine competitions around the world. I had posted the results of the International Wine Challenge as proof that Spain was […]