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Blogger’s Dinner hosted by Bodegas Tintoralba

Blogger’s Dinner hosted by Bodegas Tintoralba


There are very few times when I have gathered a group of people to simply further a cause. I have been the attendee of several political, trade and social events, but never have a I been one of the organizers of an event that is meant to simply bring those of like minds together in hopes of sharing their common passion. The Blogger’s Dinner, hosted by Bodegas Tintoralba and Catavino in Barcelona last Tuesday night, was the first, of what we hope to be many, successful gatherings to simply converse and commune over the concept of wine blogging.

The question being, was it successful? Did anyone get anything out of it?

From Tintoralba’s perspective, it appears that they were elated to have a group of like-minded people enjoy their wines in a new light. Rather than stand under florescent lights, surrounded by loud echoing voices at the 2008 Barcelona wine and food fair, Alimentaria, they had the rare opportunity to share their wines in a social, relaxed setting, chatting intimately with people about their project. With their winemaker, Pedro Sarrión Martínez, taking center-stage, we listened attentively as he passionately explained the nuance and elaboration of his wines, while we delightfully nibbled on cured hams and silky pates. Not a bad way to experience a new wine, a new grape for many, and new opportunity to create an annual event!

From our perspective, we were equally pleased to have seen approximately twenty people gather in dimly lit restaurant, sharing their successes and failures both creating and upkeeping their blogs. And for those that weren’t “official” bloggers, they too had the chance to ask questions and gain insight to a world that was relatively unfamiliar to them. What this provided was a lovely give and take between those who wanted to get in on the game but didn’t know how, those who were knee deep in the blogging world but wanted to share trade secrets, and those who simply wanted to share a glass of wine among those for whom they felt a connection with including: Olaf Uno Mas, Pilarvi, Abadia Retuerta, Bodegas Valdrinal, The, Wine Conversation, Excel Wines, Solymer Asia, Manfatta, Guild of European Business Travel Agents and Lightening Source. Sadly, I regret that I didn’t get every name of those who attended, but please feel free to add to our list if you joined us!

We would also sincerely like to extend a warm thank you Tintoralba’s direction for taking a leap, trusting in a rather zany idea, and hopefully, relishing in the warm interest experienced by everyone that evening!



*Full Disclosure: Tintoralba is one of Catavino’s clients.

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