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Bodega Valdamor

Valdamor, S.A.

D.O./Region:Rais Baixas, Galicia, Spain
Address: Lug Xil-Meano 8, Meano 36968, Pontevedra
Telephone:+34 986 471 111
Fax:+34 986 747 743
Email:[email protected]
Hectares of Vines: 20
Wine maker: Pablo Ibanez Sarmiento
Total Production Liters: 50 Barrels
Grape Varieties Grown: Albarino
Wines Produced:Namorio, Valdamor
Exporters in the UK and USA: Universal Brands


Bodega Valdamor produces exclusively from the Albarino grape that has grown on 20 to 50 year old vines from the Salnes area in Galicia. As a result of their desire to pick only the best grapes, they have chosen to not only harvest each plot of grapes by hand, but also vinify each one separately. Although this might sound like a painstaking process when you consider the hilly landscape, it actually isn’t because the vines are typically trained on pergolas (horizontal wires attached to poles allowing the vines to grow up onto them off the floor) to avoid rot that can easily occur in wet and hot environments such as this.

Another intriguing little fact about this vineyard is that their name has quite the story attached to it. The Albarino grape received its name because it helped the Benedictine monks from Central Europe to carry the vine stocks across Northern Spain to Compostela, leaving them in the care of monasteries along the way. Its name means “the way of the stars”. Valdemor is the named after a warehouse in an old Galician legend about two young lovers who planted a vine in this warehouse as an oath of their eternal fidelity, and as their love grew so too did the vine. The vine eventually gave such a golden and flavorful fruit that villagers far and wide came to see it in the valley of Valdamor.

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