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Bodegas y Viñedos Olvena

D.O./Region: D.O. Somontano
Address: Paraje el Arino, S/N, Ctra. N- 123, Km. 5, 22300 Barbastro, Espana
Telephone: +34 974 308 481
Fax: +34 974 308 482
Email: [email protected]
Founded: 1999
Hectares of Vines: 240 Ha.
Liters of Wine Produced: 3,000 Barrels
Winemaker: Angel Camí y Juan Antonio Delgado
Grape Varieties Grown:
Wines Produced: Olvena Coupage, Olvena Merlot, Olvena Crianza, Olvena Hache, Olvena Cuatro o El Pago de la Libulula, Olvena Rosado, Olvena Chardonnay, Olvena Chardonnay Fermentado en Barrica (Barrel Fermented Chardonnay)
Winery Visits: Visiting hours: 10 h to 13 h from Monday to Saturday

Description of the Bodega:

The Abbad family, successful in several businesses ranging from agriculture to cattle ranching in Somontano, Spain, decided to to take a risk and follow a family dream. For two years, they looked at numerous bodegas and vineyards around Spain, searching for a source of inspiration. It wasn’t until 1999, when they chose to convert some of their best land into vineyards, whereby acquiring diverse and rich Pagos that have created only the ideal conditions for their vines. Additionally, Olvena is located just at the point where the River Esera runs into the River Cinca, providing both the ideal terrior and the climate for us to plant the best stocks selected throughout France and Spain.

In 2001, we began construction on our bodega in order to create both a beautiful and modern design that permits not only more advanced winemaking technology, but also a capacity to house over 3 million bottles. Therefore, the design was both for functionality and for enjoyment, because the bodega is intended to be shared with everyone, who like our family, loves wine.

Olvena, is named after the small pueblo from which our vineyard lies. Whereas the Olvena image was masterfully created by, Isidro Ferrer – an artist, friend, and an adopted Aragonese, who accepted the challenge to give life to the most basic, beautiful and timeless image of an Olvena vine.


As many of you have heard over the past year, Somontano is becoming a hot spot region for intriguing wines. The home of thirteen native and foreign grape varietals, this region has become famous for its ability to successfully blend both old and new grape varietals to make unique quality wine. If you like the more structured wines of Bordeaux this is the region to try. Cabernet seems to be king, though is blended with everything from Merlot to Syrah and Grenache. Living here in Catalunya, you can see from the shelves that the Catalans know about these wines, though outside of Catalunya you don’t see them often. It seems when I go looking for a nice wine with dinner, Somontano is the the wine we end up with. Reds tend to be well structured with nice body; while whites, with exception to the few over-oaked bottles I’ve tasted, they tend to contain cooler climate flavors. Due to this, many here in Spain think that Somontano maybe the next big region to make a splash on the International scene!

Tasting notes from : Somontano

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