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Broadbent Port and Madeira Contest

When interviewing Bartholomew about his wines and the history of Madeira he sent me a test that he created for his distributors, as learning tool. He hoped it would help to answer some of my questions about Madeira and Port. Not only did it help out in answering some of the questions, but in the end it seemed like the perfect chance to let my readers see how much they knew about the subject. So after asking for permission to reprint the “exam” for my readers, Bartholomew in a generous gesture, offered to sweeten the deal by offering the winners a bottle of wine! So listen up and tell all your friends. Here are the rules:

1. You must be of legal drinking age in the country you live in. That means 21 yrs of age in the USA, and 18 yrs of age everywhere else. If your country says otherwise, please send me the law I can reference!
2. No family members or friends of Ryan Opaz or Bartholomew Broadbent are eligible.
3. All entries must be in by 12 midnight GMT, on the 1st of December at the latest. No late entries will be accepted.
4. No plagiarism. I know you have the internet to find out many of the answers below, but if you don’t have the ability to rewrite what you find in your own words, please don’t submit an answer.
5. Due to the subjectivity of some of the answers, take into account this is a test used in the past to promote Broadbent wines, answer as such. All decisions are final and will be made by Ryan Opaz and Bartholomew Broadbent.
6. Please include your name, a legal shipping address, phone number and date of birth at the top of all entries.
7. Remember this is for fun and to help all of you learn something in the process.
8. Send all entries to: Contest Entries
9. In the case of a tie, a winner will be drawn at random.
10. Only one entry per household.

  1. 1st prize Ferreira 20 year Tawny
  2. 2nd prize Quinta do Crasto Vintage Port
  3. 3rd prize Broadbent 10 year Malmsey Madeira

Answers will be published after a winner has been chosen.

Good luck!

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