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But it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

With the holidays “just” around the corner, Ryan and I were recently inspired by a post on the Well Fed Network that is promoting wine and food books through their Amazon store. By going to the Well Fed Network home page and clicking on the “shop” tab, you not only can purchase a gift for your favorite wine or food aficionado, but also contribute a percentage of your purchase to supporting their site.

Now here is where the inspiration kicked in for Ryan and me. We all have food and wine blogs that we immediately go to the moment we jump on the Internet. We also have come to the month of November with signifies the seasonal alarm of list-making. Therefore, why not support your favorite blog by seeing if you can purchase those wine and food gifts through one of their websites. Not all websites provide this service, but many do such as: Vinography , Dr. Vino,Cuisine from Spain and The Accidental Hedonist. By going to their recommended products section, you will not only find the perfect gift for your gourmand relative, but you will also be supporting one of your favorite authors.

Catavino also has this service available located under the “recommended products” tab on the sidebar. If you know of an individual who is interested in learning more about Iberian wine, or who would enjoy a wine accessory that we think is nifty, you can support Catavino by purchasing one of the products we recommend.

We’ll all be hitting the pavement soon for Holiday gifts; hence, why not support one another in finding food and wine products that are recommended by people you trust!