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Calling all editors please!

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, in addition to receiving a fair amount of press releases – most of which are in Spanish, and for the most part, this isn’t an enormous problem for me. However, for the sake of communicating about Spanish wine internationally, it doesn’t do much for anyone else.

About a month ago, I started receiving a newsletter entitled: Noticias de Rioja. Written in Spanish but translated in English, this is a great resource to hear interesting facts and figures about Rioja wines. And although a bit self aggrandizing at times, it has still been known to publish some really interesting articles. However, if you choose to peruse the articles in English instead of Spanish, good luck! Sure, for the most part you can get the idea, but for a region with so much money and a desire to grow their image, you might assume that they would take the time to check and recheck their grammar. Additionally, because Spain has had an incredible influx of British and American ex-patriots in the past 20 years, isn’t there one person, just one native English speaker, to edit their articles before they are published?

Don’t get the wrong idea; I’m not trying to single out this one newsletter. I’m only trying to bring light to the innumerable websites for bodegas that have an “English” section that comes closer to Klingon than English.
Allow me to make myself clear, I don’t want to condemn the effort, but rather question the purpose. I, for one, started this site because of the lack of English sites about Spanish and Portuguese wine, hoping that we eventually become a clearing house for all Spanish wine websites, newsletters and tours. This is easy seeing that my native language is English. On the other hand I hope that as more Spanish material is translated into English by Spaniards they will take the time to ensure that their message is clear and understandable also.

Please take a look at the following article taken from today’s newsletter:



A Gran Reserva of Rioja, Marques de Vitoria vintage 1995, it has been selected to illustrate Formal Dinner that will be served in Oslo with reason of the presentation of the noted awards Nobel of the Peace that will be received by the doctor El Baradei, general manager of the International Agency of Atomic Energy in this occasion.

Marques de Vitoria is a cellar belonging to the Group Faustino, located in the town of Oyon, in Rioja Alavesa. Its Gran Reserva wine, coming from the excellent vintage of 1995, has been elaborated with grapes of the Tempranillo variety obtained of stock with more than thirty years of antiquity. During 24 months, the limited production of this red wine it was matured in new casks of French oak.

Of colour garnet cherry of high layer with touch tile, clean and brilliant aspect, the cellar says that it is a complex, elegant and fine wine that presents aromas of sweetmeat of redcurrants, clove and sweet peppers. In mouth it is a round, balanced, spicy wine and with refined tannins.

Bodegas Marques de Vitoria has sixty hectares of vineyard tempranillo approximately to elaborate this type of wines. Almost a million bottles rest inside its cellar, cohabiting with more than 17.000 casks of American and French oak.
Interesting Link:

Scroll down to find the original in Spanish at the bottom of this article.

From my perspective, it appears as if the 1995 Marques de Vitoria Reserva will be served at this year’s Nobel Prize; however, I’m unclear if it’s there to receive the prize or just to drink while the prize is being awarded. What does “a million bottles in a cellar with casks of American and French Oak” mean? How do you fit oak inside a cask. I don’t mean to nitpick, but it seems that with a little effort, this article could become intelligible. I also want to point out that this is neither the worst nor the best effort at English I have seen in the newsletters to date. In fact, just to subscribe to the Rioja Newsletter, you see this:

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I’ll end by saying this, I appreciate the strong effort made to translate written material into English, but [shooting yourself in the foot->] by not taking the time to edit seems counterproductive. Dont u theenk?

Till soon,

Ryan Opaz

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Original article in Spanish:



Un Gran Reserva de Rioja, Marques de Vitoria cosecha 1995, ha sido seleccionado para ilustrar la cena de gala que sera servida en Oslo con motivo de la entrega del prestigioso premios Nobel de la Paz, que en esta ocasion sera recibido por el doctor El Baradei, director general de la Agencia Internacional de Energia Atomica.

Marques de Vitoria es una bodega perteneciente al Grupo Faustino, ubicada en la localidad de Oyon, en Rioja Alavesa. Su Gran Reserva, procedente de la excelente vendimia de 1995, ha sido elaborado con uvas de la variedad Tempranillo obtenidas de cepas con mas de treinta anos de antiguedad. Durante 24 meses, la limitada produccion de este vino tinto se crio en barricas nuevas de roble frances.

De color cereza granate de capa alta con ribetes teja, aspecto limpio y brillante, la bodega expresa que se trata de un vino complejo, elegante y fino que presenta aromas de confitura de grosellas, clavo y pimientos. En boca resulta un vino redondo, equilibrado, especiado y con taninos pulidos

Bodegas Marques de Vitoria cuenta con cerca de sesenta hectareas de vinedo tempranillo para elaborar este tipo de vinos. Casi un millon de botellas reposan en el interior de su bodega, conviviendo con mas de 17.000 barricas de roble americano y frances.

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