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Catavino, Ad-Free Since last Friday – A 3 Year Anniversary Surprise!


Ever since Catavino first became a full fledged member of the wine blogging community 3 years ago, we’ve always run ads on our site. Google adsense is the most obvious, and for most bloggers, the easiest solution to “monetize” your site, and thus, has been with us since the beginning. And since our inception, Google adsense has earned us a whopping grand total of $300. We’ve also worked with a few text link ads, and have been fortunate enough to have part of our travels in Rioja sponsored. All in all, this has added up to around $500, a car rental and a hotel room. Not bad, but not really worth our time, nor worth the clutter.

So today, we are officially declaring Catavino as an ad-free website. No blinking ads. No flashing signs. No “targeted ads”. Instead, we’re doing something novel: dedicating ourselves to publishing good, comprehensive content.

That said, we are not adverse to sponsorships, and if someone wants to help us to do our job better, we are all ears. Sponsorships from people in and around the world of Iberian wine who want to reach approximately 15,000+ unique visitors each month(a number that is growing), is something we will continue to be open to. Though from here on out, we’ll do more to integrate these sponsorships into the site in a way that does not clutter up the sidebars and headers. We know that advertising on sites like this is a numbers game, and while we have loyal readers from diverse backgrounds, Google ads will never do much for us, and we rather save space for sponsors who we actually believe in and for whom we can recommend as solid businesses.

As far as being an ad-free site, we intend to use this space more effectively with the space we save. Over the coming weeks, you may notice subtle changes to the layout and navigation, so keep your eye’s open! And, if your reading this from a feed reader, please take a moment to click over to our site and see what has changed!

Thanks to every one of you who continue to support us! And if you want to Sponsor Catavino, please contact us at sponsor {at} catavino {dot} net. We look forward to hearing from you.


Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

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