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Catavino Awarded “Best Writing” at 2010 Wine Blog Awards

Catavino has been awarded the “Best Writing on a Wine Blog” by the annual Wine Blog Awards at the 2010 North American Wine Bloggers Conference. Humbled and appreciative, it would be impossible to have won it without our dedicated community who not only voted for us, but who supports us every day.

Community encapsulates our dedicated readers who have gone so far as to send emails if a word is misspelled or a comma is out of position; bloggers who suggest a new topic, a trendy restaurant or who simply give us juicy content by visiting us in Iberia; and of course, our passionate and dedicated contributors, who consistently aim to give us the best content for nothing more than a link to their personal site. Together, this perfect storm helps us craft the best content we can possibly muster on Iberian wine, food and culture.

We try our level-headed best to begin a dialogue with consumers who want to learn about Iberia. However, our work goes beyond expounding on new Spanish and Portuguese wines, our favorite Tapas bars, swanky new eno-friendly hotels, or exuberant, young winemakers. These type of posts are easy to craft, as there are millions of stories to share each and every day in Iberia.

What isn’t so easy is to ensure that every article on Catavino is well researched, well written, formatted correctly, told in an engaging and dynamic manner, and most importantly, interesting! Additionally, as Catavino has never made any money, we’ve never had the liquid funds available to hire a professional editor. Therefore, we’ve had to rely on one another to become the fierce and militant editors we feel are necessary to keep this website on top of its game; which sometimes leads to very interesting “discussions” on the direction pieces should take.

Though many will say that editing goes against the independent and creative spirit of blogging, I will state emphatically that without one another, this site would not be successful. Ryan and I rely on one another to help provide insight, dialogue, contradiction and fluidity. It is this militant editing process that has tested our sense of humbleness, openness, pride and resilience. As Meg Maker, Chief Editor of Palate Press recently stated in her presentation on effective writing, “Writing is thinking, and thinking is hard.” This statement couldn’t be more accurate, as are the 23 other salient points, but I would also add, “Good writing takes practice, and practice takes time and patience”. When you find yourself on the 5th draft of a 300 word article on the white Spanish grape Godello, it takes a considerable amount of patience to breathe and admit that the first four drafts were complete crap. Humbling? Yes! Worthwhile? Absolutely!

So with that, allow me to thank each and every one of you for being such wonderful, supportive and dynamic readers of Catavino. And we will do our absolute best to continue improving our writing, content and website (new design coming soon!).

Finally, please take a moment to congratulate the other 2010 WBA winners! They each are doing great work in this world of wine blogging today and are worthy of your attention.


Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

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