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Catavino Begins Cultivating a New Writer: Hello Baby!

Red GrapeTime for the big announcement, something that will make our wine tastings a touch more exhilarating. We both are very excited, and proud, to announce that the Opaz family is soon to be “Plus One”. Shocked? Well, so are we! Life is about to get a bit more challenging and a whole lot more rewarding.

In all honestly, we figured we needed a little extra adventure in our lives, and a baby alone just doesn’t cut it. Where’s the challenge?! Instead, we’ve upped the ante by choosing to:

What? Too much? Nah, we’ve tackled this level of insanity before, and we’ll do it again! Plus, we know we have a great community to fall back on when times get tough. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate.

To date, we do not know the sex of the child, and we won’t know for another few months, but that hasn’t stopped us from coming up with a laundry list of wine inspired names including:

  • Amphora – But what would the nickname be…“Hey Amph” – yeah, no
  • Arinto – Cute, but eh, doesn’t quite cut it
  • Tempranillo – Again, back to the horrific nickname, which could also be misconstrued for a professional secretary, “Temp”
  • Pedro Ximenez – This child must come out in leather jacket and greased back hair if the name were to stick, well, that or a dead-ringer for James Bond. “My name is Ximenez, Pedro Ximenez. Call me PX.”
  • Xarel.lo – By far, the greatest temptation of all, if only to see people’s faces when they try to pronounce it outside of Catalunya.
  • Vintage – You gotta love this name! The number of ways you can play with this word is limitless. Short = Vin (boom! Love it); internationally recognized and pronounceable; and he/she is always of quality. Where do you go wrong 😉

We trust you all have a few suggested names of your own, but for now, we’re primarily focused on Gabriella being healthy, happy and well, which she is.

As you can see, some of our deadlines and projects have been delayed a bit by this, but we’re slowly getting back on track. And while Catavino will always stay the same, you might notice a few more posts that include family friendly suggestions in them.

Cheers from Spain!

Gabriella, Ryan and our +1

  • Congratulations! Very happy for you both 😉

  • Ken Payton

    My oh my… Congratulations!

  • Congrats Ryan and Gabriella! another Opai!

  • Congrats!
    Catavino bambino!

    All the best,

    Nannette Eaton

  • Congrats!

    all the best for the little Opaz..


  • Wow!

    Kind of unexpected, but of course this is good news! 🙂

    Happy for the both (three) of you!

    • gabriellaopaz

      You aren’t the only one who felt this was a surprise 🙂 But damn, what a cool surprise it is!

  • Big congratulations from Sweden 🙂

  • Fantastic! I’m so happy for you! But you might want to continue considering that list of names. Tempranillo??? 😉

    • gabriellaopaz

      Our kitten has already been named Touriga Nacional, so can’t repeat that one 🙂

  • … hotDamnYOUGUYS! Complements from Sicily … Cheers!

    – uncleBen & auntNadine!

  • Congratulations on the big news! Looking forward to meet the new Portuguese guy or girl! 🙂

  • Awesome Crazy! Woohoo! Congratulations Gabriella & Ryan 🙂

  • Congratulations!!!!!

  • Congratulations and the best of wishes for all of you! Hopes for a healthy baby.

  • congratulations!! surprises can be so much fun!

  • Congratulations!!!!!!! I know two different vintners that have kids with wine related names. Tannin and Ruby Cabernet!

  • wineybrett

    What delightful, happy news! Do remember that a very popular name
    in Essex is, of course, Chardonnay…

  • Congratulations!

  • AUGURI!!

  • Awesome and congrats!!!!!

  • Wonderful! Enjoy!

  • Jane Gregg

    Awesome, you guys! A Portuguese-American baby!

  • anna savino

    Wowzers! Super super congrats! So happy for you guys;)

  • Matt Dickinson

    Many congratulations to you all! Good luck!

  • wow! congratulations! awesome news – nothing comparing to moving to Portugal or launching new business. more satisfaction – at least I think so! 😉

  • Marlene FandeGrenache

    Félicitations ! That’s a fantastic news!

  • Awesome news!!! What a wonderful start to the year!! I am sure wee “vintage” will be super happy in Portugal!! All the best for all the exciting projects to come! x

  • Mariëlla

    That is super cool news! I am so happy for you both, and hope everything will stay good all during the pregnancy! Enjoy this time, it is unique!! Love from Holland,

  • This is great news! Congratulations from Georgia!!!

  • Big big congratulations from Milan!!!

  • Oh my god!! What a surprise!!! Congratulations!!! Wow you guys are really going through some big life changes now! And we’ll be closer to come visit you all and the little one to be! 🙂 SO happy for you!!

  • Life begins now! Many congrats. You will make great parents (as soon as you stop globetrotting)… 😉

    • gabriellaopaz

      Have kid will travel 🙂 He/she/it better enjoy trains, planes and automobiles is all I have to say 😀

  • Muchas, Muchas Felicidades a los dos y a Gabriella que se cuide mucho. Sin duda será el proyecto más importante y más bonito de vuestra vida. Me ha alegrado mucho conocer la noticia.

    Mencía puede ser otra opción de nombre si es niña.

  • MikeMeisner

    Congratulations on the new baby and starting fresh in Portugal – will be an exciting year I’m sure!

  • Congrats Gabi and Ryan! I’m very happy for you guys! You’re moving to Oporto and let me know if you need anyhelp with baby tips; schools, doctors, stores (that one is only for Gaby :))! Best of luck!

  • Fiona Beckett

    Only just caught up with this – congratulations to you both! (And I rather like Arinto, myself)

  • SilviaWine

    Big congratulations! And welcome to the club. I kind of like Arinto. Is it a boy? We should get together before you move to Portugal!

  • Miguel Sousa Otto

    Congratulations for boths and the grate VIN…tage 🙂
    As a father of 5 (!!!) I can share with you that it seems more dificult than it realy is… Miguel