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This is an indispensable tool for those who want to follow, in English, what really goes on in the world of Spanish and Portuguese wines – lively, informative and, most important, first-hand, on-the-scene knowledge!
Victor de la Serna

Catavino Gets a Makeover

Hey there everyone! As you might have noticed (if you not in a google reader or otherwise), Catavino has a new look. It’s been a long time coming and we are excited to finally have what we hope is a cleaner and easier to use look. Right now, we’re still playing around with some new plugins and a few enhanced features, so you might find a bug or two. No worries though, just send us an email and we’ll get it taken care of right away.

One of the main improvements of this new layout is the enhanced category structure. With time, we’ll be moving to tags as offered by the new WordPress, combined with fewer and more targeted categories. This may take a little while considering that we just finished the makeover, but we will be working on this shortly and hopefully without the same results Tim at Winecast encountered recently. As to what’s new? We have a new story map, which will eventually include links to our best stories (if you have a favorite, let us know and we’ll put it up), a new forum (I know, I know, but we are only going to use it for your tasting notes. It’s MUCH simpler and integrated into the theme of the site), new links (add yours and your friends), and some other fun things as time goes on. Stay tuned.

One last note. We’ve been having some trouble with Spam lately, so we moved to a new protection tool that will not only help the great fight against spam, but also help the world. Well kinda…reCaptcha is a tool designed to digitize the world’s books. By using this tool on our site, we make our lives easier dealing with spam, while at the same time, aiding . You can read about it all here. So I realize it might slow down the comments slightly, but it will help out our in-boxes and help catalog the worlds texts.

Please let us know what you think! Leave a comment, and like I said, have a little patience as we tidy up the links and other small bugs that linger.

Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

Yeah our first bug! Your probably only seeing one post on the front page, and can’t figure out how to get to the old ones…No worries, we’ll have it fixed asap! Stay tuned…