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Catavino Heads to DO Montsant for Another Regional Report!


What is a regional report? Well, it’s as detailed and comprehensive as your yearly physical, only a hell of a lot more fun! We create a website dedicated to a specific region and pack it full of information. Articles you’ll encounter generally include: typical grape varietals, winemaking trends, interviews with winemakers, tasting notes, culinary history and tradition, places to stay and enough photos to create your own coffee table book. In short, our intention is to answer any and all questions you have on a given region.

And as the title of this post has already disclosed, we’re heading to DO Montsant this Thursday where we’ll spend 3 days and 2 nights visiting approximately a dozen+ bodegas, a half dozen restaurants, and who knows what else we’ll encounter in between.

However, Father Time has been unyielding with us, and it’s been over a year since our last regional report when we dedicated a week to DOC Rioja, exploring its vineyards, rummaging through its historic past, demystifying its fame, and generally providing you with our impression of what you can do and find in this legendary wine region.

montsant3Hence, why we’re giddy with excitement to taste our way through a wine region that has been known as the shadowed version of its internationally renowned neighbor, DOC Priorat. Did I mention DO Montsant has a blog in three languages? Exciting! We’ll be sure to tell you more, and we’ll be posting about our adventures as they unfold.

Right now, what is of most importance to us is your questions. What do you want to learn about the wines DO Montsant? Is there a specific winery you want us to visit? Is there a grape you want more information about? Are their culinary questions that have been haunting you? Maybe a recipe you need clarification on? Is there a festival you want us to research? Or simply, tell us what you think about the wines of Montsant. Leave your questions here and we’ll make sure to get them answered for you!


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  • Tom

    I’m looking forward to this one! Though it may technically be in the comarca del Priorat, I hope you had a chance to visit Siurana (pictured above)!

    • Sadly this time no, we’ll get back to the Priorat though in the near future. Love the zone!

    • Gerard

      I have to say that Siurana is inside the DO Montsant region, as well as Cornudella, the closest town. In fact, this year it started there the youngest, smallest and higher cellar registered in the DO,Graus del Siurana, only producing 800 bottles in his first year. If Ryan can visit this area, I’m sure he will enjoy.

      • Tom

        Thanks for the clarification, Gerard. I guess I was confused by ‘Costers del Siurana’ being a DOQ Priorat wine.

      • Tom

        Thanks for the clarification, Gerard. I guess I was confused by ‘Costers del Siurana’ being a DOQ Priorat wine. Clearly that’s named for the river, not the village 🙂

  • I’d love more info on rancio wines – I’ve never had an opportunity to taste one from this area, and am intrigued about what they are like. If you find any of great note, please be sure to pass them along. Enjoy – I didn’t know about the Rioja regional report – what a fab idea! I’ll be sure to pore over that one sometime this week and will anxiously await the Montsant info.



    • I love Rancio, Vermoth and Mistella, all wines that get over looked. I hope we can get some good info for you and me this week!

  • Looking forward to your report! Since Montsant is kind of a circle around Priorat isn’t it hard not to do both? Are you going to check out Celler de Capçanes and their Kosher wines? Also heard they will be doing theatrical visits with actors at Celler agricola Falset-Marça (where they have those HUGE barrels)
    Have a great time!

  • We took some wine importers to visit the Montsant region last year as part of the Buyer meets Spanish Cellar Workshop programme. The winery we visited was Dosterras a small “garage” winery producing a couple of excellent reds. They also have a Casa Rural which is ideal for the wine tourist to use for a couple of nights. Would recommend you visit this winery and include in your report. Give Josep Grau our regards.

    The same group of wine importers also had a presentation on the whole of the DO Montsant region and this was given by the DO General Manager. Of all the DO regions we visited with this group the DO Montsant presentation was by far the most professionally done. Near perfect English, clear visuals, effective presentation skills, excellent print material and DVD…

    Other interesting wineries to consider visiting would be Coll de Montsant, Mas dela Caçadora, Coop Cornudella Montsant, Natur Montsant, Celler Malondro, Cellers Foch, Vinyes dèn Gabriel (enjoy the views on the way) and Bodega Orcella.

  • Hi Ryan,
    how is the Montsant trip going?
    I just came back from Bordeaux together with Malena where I had a ball with my friends and wine makers Mark Hoddy and Norrel Robertson…
    I wonder if I can show you some hidden corners and of course introduce you to some wineries in my homeland. The one you already know and the other one I’m managing:
    I’m around, and probably will bump in to you anyway.
    Regards, and dig Montsant as deep as you can.

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