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Catavino Heads to Lisbon!


Every country has their icons. Spain has flamenco and bull-fighting. England has stout and Shephard’s Pie, a combination that will leave you feeling heavier than your car and house combined! While Portugal has the mournful tear-jerking songs of fado, soccer stars like Eusébio, and the delicious but quickly dwindling white fish, Bacalau. Portugal is also the home of handcrafted quality wine that has sadly remained in the shadows of its big brother, Spain.

Some of you may be intimately familiar with the notion that the worst part of having a big brother wasn’t so much the noogies in front of the boy/girl you’re desperately wanting to impress, the clear filmy soap you unexpectedly found in your toothbrush well after your started foaming at the mouth, or the hideous taste of your hamburger after he added a touch of every condiment in the refrigerator when you made a brief trip to the bathroom, it was his ability to steal everyone’s attention. The minute you did something worthy of Mom’s extolment, such as drawing her that cliché picture of the family with her in the center, was the minute your brother would break something and blame it on you. Little bastard! And sadly, Ryan and I have fallen into this trap just as much as the rest of the wine drinking world. We have allowed ourselves to be swooning over the lush wines of Montsant, the bright and zesty wines of Galicia and the salty and nutty wines of Jerez, while tossing off all the incredible wines of Portugal. Pobrecito!

“No more!” we screamed from our terrace last week, uniting together in a fight for Portugal. We unwaveringly decided that not only would we dedicate the entire month of August solely to Portuguese Table Wines on Catavino, but that we would also kick off the month by actually going to Lisbon! That’s right, we did what Catavino does best, made an impulsive decision to book a plane ticket for a four day whirlwind adventure.

And here is the best part….oh, am I excited…can you hear my excitement!! Not only….were we able to drum up a visit to a winery, a cork factory, and a wine museum, BUT WE ALSO have our own personal Portuguese rooftop tasting AND a wine tasting with 14 different producers tasting 40 different wines! Additionally, upon our arrival back, we have an interview with the Portuguese expert himself, Roy Hersh from For the Love of Port.

We will also be posting several articles about the history of Portuguese wine, Portuguese grape varietals, white Portuguese Table Wines, Red Portuguese Table Wines along with a brief synopsis on some famous Portuguese producers. In the meantime, I have included some back articles that you may want to peruse at your leisure to catch up a bit on the subject.

Additionally, being that we are dedicating August to Portuguese table wines, our Virtual Tasting will also follow the same theme. Without any restrictions, we ask that you get over to your local wine shop and get any Portuguese Table wine you can find. Let us know what you ate with it, what it tasted like, how much it was, where you bought it, and whether it was a good deal! For those of you willing to be secret wine detectives for us, we would REALLY love to know what kind of Portuguese wine section your shop has. Is it good? Comprehensive? Solely focused on the Duero or the Dão?

So for now, we bit you “adeus” from Lisbon!



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