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Catavino is off to London – Enjoy These Wine Links While We’re Gone!

AmplifiedAs we’ve mentioned before, we’re headed to London to do what can only be called a “social media junket”. 5 days of meeting new people, drinking new wines, and visiting a city that I’m ashamed to say, I know so little about. Our line up so far goes a bit like this:

  • Tuesday we head to the Amplified event where we hope to burst some Wine bubbles. Our main goal is to meet people who find themselves trapped in their own little bubbles of influence, and discover ways to interact and exchange ideas. Our talk will be mainly about how to get wine into others social networks, or how to make our networks more inviting to those who are not a part of them as of yet. Robert McIntosh, Gabriella and I all hope that we can be decent wine ambassadors at this show!
  • Next we move onto the Specialty Importers Trade Tasting meant to be a showcase of unique wines, that we hope will be both surprising and new. I’m personally excited to be starting off the New Year’s wine show schedule with this tasting. Hopefully the wines we taste here can help set a benchmark for the year to come, a year with at least 6 more important trade shows yet to go! If you want to see what we’ll have the opportunity to taste, click here to download the PDF. Then, in the comments, let us know if there is anything in particular that you are interested in having us try. We’ll be trying to do some live streaming from the event, and for sure, we’ll be posting as soon as the WIFI signal is found; which should be considerably easier to find in London than Iberia!SITT
  • After this, we are being whisked off by car to a special Cava tasting, I hope I can still stand at that point. Should be a great event:

Please join us for an ‘invitation only’ vertical tasting of a selection of vintage, single varietal Xarel.lo Cavas from 1997. The tasting will be directed by Bruno Murciano, winner of Best Sommelier 2008 (Spain) and current sommelier at Bibendum, London. The event is hosted by the Institut del Cava and is part of the Cava Pasión programme.Please join us for an ‘invitation only’ vertical tasting of a selection of vintage, single varietal Xarel.lo Cavas from 1997. The tasting will be directed by Bruno Murciano, winner of Best Sommelier 2008 (Spain) and current sommelier at Bibendum, London. The event is hosted by the Institut del Cava and is part of the Cava Pasión programme.

Since the late 80s, experimental work has been carried out following the belief that the Xarel.lo grape can successfully respond to long ageing. This is an exclusive opportunity to evaluate the results and the potential that this grape has to offer.

The second part of the tasting will be with Cavas which contain different percentages of Xarel.lo thereby allowing participants to see how this grape contributes to the styles of individual Cavas

  • And on Friday night, our tasting at Vinoteca. Not much to say other than, if you’re in town and you don’t join us, we’ll be very sad! SO BE THERE!

Finally a few links around the web that I think you might want to check out.

  1. Our friend Mary who runs the excellent wine school Planeta Vino in Madrid, has started posting to her blog again. Great material! She knows  Spanish wine better than most and you will benefit from reading her site. Make sure to check it out and make sure to leave her a comment welcoming her back to the bloggosphere!
  2. Another client enters the pool! Michael Grisley has started up his own blog with the help and guidance of us. Michael is part of PRGrisley importers, a family run wine import company located in of all places Utah! Thus, we need to point out his recent post on eating and drinking in Utah, who knew! Make sure to say hi to Michael when you have a chance.
  3. is up and running with a new blog. Don’t expect to understand a theme.  It’s meant as a repository for random thoughts and occasional meanderings. Feel free to check it out.
  4. Twitter. If you don’t know what it is, and don’t think it’s important, think again. It is VERY important, maybe we’ll even do a post about it, but for now know this. To keep up to date on Catavino news follow us @catavino, and then follow our authors: @ryanopaz @gabriellaopaz @justinjerez and @andreainwine. Say hi! Oh and if you still think twitter is a waste of time, you can at ther very least make money teaching people about it!sns300
  5. Spit ‘n’ Swallow - it’s a podcast that Ryan, and Robert McIntosh of Wine Conversation, started a few weeks back. We’re/he’s still struggling with his lack of sound engineering knowledge, but he doesn’t think it’s too bad. Not to mention that each week it gets a little better. This week, we talked about Wine Bubbles (circles of influence), and our upcoming trip. The main idea with the podcast is just to riff on the intersection of social media and wine. For now it’s just the two of us, though we are hoping to have on guests after we get a few more episodes under our wing. Check it out you can even subscribe in iTunes.

That’s enough for now. We’ll be headed to Portugal when we get back from London to judge at the Essencia do Vinho awards, and as always we are looking forward to tasting more top Portuguese wines. This year, we’ll also be giving a short talk on social media for wineries. We hope that we can spur a few more Portuguese producers into taking the plunge.

So follow us this week on twitter, and enjoy the posts we have lined up from our rockstar line up of writers!


Ryan  and Gabriella Opaz

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  • Michael Grisley

    Good Luck in London Opai, I hope you can change some opinions about social media and wine, as well as taste some incredible new wines! I would personally look forward to the Cava tasting and can't wait to hear what you have to say about the entire trip. I'll be tuning in to Spit N' Swallow as well (hhhmmmmmmm, I think that name sounds familiar ;) !! Cheers!

  • Ryan Opaz

    Yeah the name might sound a bit familiar! :) Your welcome to come along, if you can find a flight in time! Cheers,

  • gianpaolo

    hey, i'm going to be in London too from tuesday to friday. Unfortunately I'll leave on friday, but may be we can meet elsewhere, maybe at Sitt if I can make it. My cell is 07595605632 give me a call if you wish.Gianpaolo

  • John Hunt

    Ryan, welcome to London. I am the proprietor of Gran Clos in Priorat and am having dinner with Bruno Murciano tonight. I would like to arrange a twitter tasting of Gran Clos soon with our winemaker and vineyard manager online to answer questions and tweetup tasting groups in USA, UK, Spain and hopefully elsewhere in parallel. Please ask Bruno to give you my mobile number and maybe we can meet up while you are here. All best, John

  • Ryan Opaz

    We're wandering around town all day today if you have a moment give us a ring. +34 656 433 063

  • Vino Vangelist

    Hey hey hey! London town. Let us know how it all goes.

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