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Catavino’s Store is Launched!!

Catavino New StoreWhenever we fall in love with something, or someone, we inevitably want to share it. We want the world to feel that same burst of adoration, of warmth, of excitement that we feel. If we could, we’d teleport them back to that very same moment when we stumbled upon a multicolored mosaic in the heart of Lisbon or a talented Spanish guitarist in the streets of Seville. But as we can’t, we rely on photos, and chotchkies, to help convey that experience, to offer our friends and family a glimpse into a moment of personal joy.

Over our decade long stay in Iberia, Ryan and I have stumbled upon hundreds of treasures we’ve desperately wanted to share with the world. Handcrafted products made by local artists, it’s been difficult not to have a home where we can show-off such talent. Now we do!

Today, we’re ecstatic to announce the launch of Catavino’s Store!! And to kick off this celebratory event, we’re featuring our very first product: the “Port Wine Geek” t-shirt!

Ryan and Mica

The t-shirt was designed by Catavino to commemorate a wine style we find deliciously addictive, not to mention a vista we love. Stand on the Porto side of the Douro River and cast an eye towards Gaia where dozens of Port Lodge stand regally. Their names glistening across the water, it’s difficult not to become mesmerized. The question remains, how well do you know your Port wine lodges in order to unlock the secret message in the shirt?

Over the coming months, we will be launching many products: some of which will be collaborative between Catavino and local artists, while others are just funky items we enjoy. What’s key to note is the tag hanging from each and every one stating “100% Fermentado em Portugal“. This means that while we do hope to feature products from Portugal and Spain, we want to make ensure that we support each community fully (No “made in China”). This stamp is our guarantee that we’re giving back to the country we reside and love. Using local talent and locally sourced materials, if the product has this mark, you can be assured that it is a Portuguese product, through and through.

And to make your life even easier, we can ship worldwide (some restrictions apply). So even if you’re chilling on a beach in Maui, and want to get your best friends a t-shirt for his birthday in Iceland, we’ve got your back!

Finally, if you have a Spanish or Portuguese product you’d like us to carry (sorry, no food or wine products at this time), please contact us! We’re actively on the hunt to expand our offerings, and trust many of you have sourced some incredible treasures! Join us and help support the countries we love.

Click here to go to Catavino’s Store now!

Gabriella and Ryan