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Catavino’s “Holiday Off-Event Survival Kit” Wine Pack

As you all know, we at Catavino love to share our wine finds throughout the year. However, we’re usually limited to offering advice on what might pair well with your Christmas goose, or the perfect bottle to end the night. This year, we’re trying to change this!

We were approached by a local retailer, Decántalo, to collaborate on several projects, many of which we’ll share in the near future. Today, however, our European friends are in for a serious treat as we have a special holiday wine pack available! Hand-selected by Ryan and I to help you deal with the family during the holiday season. We’re calling it our “Holiday Off-Event Survival Kit”; unofficially of course. Filled with treats that should help you enjoy the holidays and survive the inevitable arguments with your conservative/liberal nut job relative!

Best part is we’re offering a fantastic price of 85 euros, including shipping anywhere in the EU! We’ll be picking up a few packs ourselves, both for the holidays and to help with the aftermath! 🙂

Head over to our special “Catavino’s “Holiday Off-Event Survival Kit” Wine Pack” pairing page for more information. We trust you’ll appreciate the sentiment. Hey and if your looking to other buy spanish wines this holiday! Do check out our friends at Decantalo!

Click here to find out about the wines and how to buy them!

Shipping countries(shipping included in the price): Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, UK, Portugal, Netherlands, Czech Republic.

If you country isn’t on this list, please contact [email protected]  and they will send you a personalized link with many packs as you want with discount applied so you can order online. There will be a slightly higher shipping price, but we’ll still get you these treats!