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Catavino’s Most Popular Articles in 2007

Cabrales Cheese

Ask what cheese is most popular here in Spain, and many of will point you to the pungently strong Asturian blue cheese called, Cabrales. Ask what the most popular meat dish is, and undoubtedly, they will say jamon iberico or cured Iberian ham. Finally, ask what people’s favorite article is from Catavino, and they’ll most likely shrug their shoulders and say, “no se, quien es Catavino?” So maybe the Spanish aren’t as savvy as to our existence as we are to theirs, but we can tell you which articles have caught your attention over the year. Enjoy the compilation and thank you, as always, for your continual support!

Gabriella and Ryan

Articles on Blogging

  • Wine Bloggers Unite? or at least Discuss! (26)
  • Pimp My Wine Blog (18)
  • Wine Blogging question – Do you have to charge to be considered “professional”? (20)
  • Spanish Wine, Portuguese Wine – Attention RSS Subscribers to Catavino (21)
  • Catavino gets 60,000 Unique Visitors a Month – Oh, and We have a Bridge for Sale! (15)
  • Do what you like – I don’t really care! (11)
  • Articles on Wine

  • Community Tasting Notes and The Wineries Who Needs them? (11)
  • We had five grapes before there were grapes! What’s the Point? (16)
  • Wine Labeling Law(10)
  • Articles on Iberian Wine

  • November is Dedicated to Port Wine (19)
  • The Fear of Sherry (19)
  • Wine Awards, Categories Without Contestants and the Birth of the Wine Blog Atlas (13)
  • What’s that “Customer Service” Thing you Speak of? (13)
  • Notas Basalmicos? It’s not what you think… (11)
  • Gary takes on two Sherry’s in his Sherry Episode! (11)
  • Link Bait or Ignorance? A Reporter Gets Spanish Wine Wrong (13)
  • Catavino Hosts Wine Blog Wednesday

  • Announcing Wine Blog Wednesday 38 – Portuguese Table Wines with Caveats! (48)
  • Wine Blog Wednesday #38 Update with Some Extra Tidbits (11)
  • WBW #38 – Portuguese Table Wines Wrap-Up!!! (32)
  • Pure Silliness

  • Wine Gadget Meme – We’ll go first (18)
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