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Victor de la Serna

Please Name Me!! Newest Addition to the Catavino Family

Today, we would like to announce a brand new addition to the Catavino family. It has a crooked tail, large feet, black fur, piercing gray eyes and zero paw-eye coordination. And no, it’s not a troll, or an ewok (though that would be cool), or a spider monkey (on my future list however!). It’s 1 month old kitten.

The kitten was found online and collected just north of Barcelona along a coastal frontage road in Mataro. The adoption process, albeit a bit sketchy, with me climbing into the back of a tinted black Volkswagon Passat where a plastic container of 4 kittens were tumbling among themselves in freaked out desperation, took all of 10 minutes. And although 3 of them looked alert, dynamic and intrigued by my presence, it was the temporarily cross-eyed one that couldn’t walk in a straight line that caught my attention. He bowled over the other ones, stepping on backs, ears and paws before finally arriving on  my hand with a Stevie Wonder head wobble.

“What’s his name?” I asked.

“Well”, said its owner, decked out in a silk skirt and low-cut top, “he just doesn’t have one.”

Bringing him home to Touriga Nacional (aka Touriga), our 3 year old female cat, we stared at this little black monster in confusion. What should he be called? He’s kind of a Garnatxa with his dark coloring; maybe a Cabrales – but lacks the stinky factor; and could pull off Jamon with his fat pig belly and crooked/curled pig like tail.

At the end of the day, we decided to throw it your direction. Please help us find a gastronomical name for this little tyke, preferably Iberian based, but if he inspires you with a fab name that lies outside of our peninsula, we’re all ears. We’ve had cats with names like Feta and Cheddar, so we are all for unique!

FYI, we’ll send the winner of the “name our new writer” contest a signed postcard from our newest family member!



  • Richard Auffrey

    How about Morcilla? It would match his dark color, you might not know all of the breeds within him (as you might not know all the specific ingredients in the sausage), and you would love to find him (or the sausage) in front of you.

    Or Madeira. Cause the kitten is sweet, with a strong spirit, and hopefully long lived.

  • Bill

    Kooky.  It’s a kooky looking cat, and I say that with the utmost respect.  The name is also ripe for nicknames, like Kookster, Kooks, Kooksie, KookMonster (if he’s bad) or just Kook for short.  Thanks for saving another kittie!

  • He looks like a black olive 😉 Aceituna…?
    The darkness also remembers me of a tenturier grape variety. My favourite is Alicante Henri Bouschet. How about ‘Henry’?

  • Mariëlla

    This is definitely Xarel.lo !!!! Don’t ask me why, it just popped up 😉 Have fun with the kitten, whatever the name will be!

  • quevedo

    I see a mole here, or better, a topo!

  • In line with Richard Auffrey’s comment about “Madeira,” I also think this kitten looks so SWEET with a SOULFUL STARE! Que lindo 🙂 I suggest MOSCATEL for a name. Moscatel is sweet and being one of the oldest cultivated grape varieties, is def soulful. And, it’s made in both Portugal and Spain!

  • Lizzy

    Sooo cute!! Hello Sherry, how are you??

  • jerry

    Nobody has suggested MusCATo yet?

  • Vitor Mendes

    Vinhão would be too complicated… right?! 🙂 eh eh!

  • Cornell

    Cava…it’s mysterious, bubbly and fun….just like he looks!