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Port bottles ready for tasting

This is depressing we’re at almost 10,000 uniques a month but only have five subscribers to our newsletter 🙁 What makes this situation worst is that this translates to almost 10,000 people missing out on our upcoming tasting notes of all of the Port wines we tried this month! Not to mention our our interview with Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of The Fladgate Partnership, and a couple of extra bodega profiles!!
Just to give you a taste, we have over 40 notes on various wine from these Portuguese Wine producers: Taylor Fladgate, Fonseca, Croft, Quinta de Ventozelo, Quevedo, The House of Sandeman, Quinte de la Rosa, Krohns, Ramos Pinto, covering Tawny, Ruby, Vintages 2005, 2003, 2000, Colheita, LBV styles.

Plus, in the first newsletter, we have a special contest to win a copy of Richard Mayson’s “Port and the Douro”, fresh off the press if you sign up now. The contest to win the book is only available in the newsletter.

Both Thursday and Friday are holidays in Spain. So, we’ll be taking Friday off to head north to a little town called, Vic, for a medieval festival where we’ll be eating loads of butifarra and shivering the fall cold. Therefore our very first newsletter may not be released until the weekend. But don’t worry, it’s coming. We just want to get it right.

Important Newsletter notes: Up until January 1st, by signing up for the newsletter, we will send you a link that will permit you to download it. After December though all new registrations will only be queued up to receive the next letter we send out. We ask that you please do not pass on the link to friends and family without having them sign up for our newsletter. We won’t hold you to this, but the more people we can get on our list, the better chance we have of getting a sponsor to help us produce future additions. If, at anytime, you have trouble downloading the newsletter or cannot find a past issue, you can always email us from our contact page where we’ll help you out asap. Finally, we’re open to ideas and suggestions, encouraging you to send any and all ideas that you have!

Other things we want to point out to you.

Next Monday, we’ll be meeting the Consejo Regulador de Cava, the governing body that lays out what Cava is and the laws that define it’s production. So for all you geeks out there, we want to offer you the chance to email us with any questions that you would like us tto ask while we’re there. We’ll pick our favorite questions from those that we receive and will include them in a video that will later be posted on Catavino. So scratch your heads and think really hard, because we’re looking for interesting and thought provoking questions. Remember, this is your chance to ask the DO directly what is on your mind.

Next week, we’ll be doing a tasting over 15 cavas, all of which you can find in Spain for under 10 Euros. We know Cava is a great value and we want to see how much of a value it really is! I think we might even through in a couple of high-end ringers to see if any of the low end values stand up to them. Hopefully, some of the winners will be available to you outside of Spain. Then again if their not maybe a reader/importer might gain from this little experiment!

Business note!
We want to welcome a new blog to the blog-o-sphere: www.Tintoralba.com. Bodegas Tintoralba is located in Almansa, and one of our clients that has very recently been posting new content to their newly implemented blog. It’s still early but we would love if you stopped by and said hi! Their wines are not only good, but they are also available in several countries around the world.

Question of the day – Just for fun!

What is the one wine book you feel needs to be written, but has not been tackled as of yet? The book can be on any subject or any theme. If you could commission the next hot seller what would it be about? Leave your answers in the comments section below.

Till soon,
Ryan Opaz

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