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Catavino’s Newsletter on Spanish Cava has Arrived!

Catavino Crew!

We’ve done it! Although our two man/woman production was a little delayed in getting you your edition as quickly as we had hoped, we finally put our nose in the flute and our fingers to the keyboard in order to produce a 21 page newsletter. Not bad for a second edition, now is it? Despite the whirlwind of holiday chaos, a 10 day jaunt through the fjords of Norway and a few spells of respiratory illness, we’re quite pleased with the final result.

So what can you expect? You can expect a featured interview with the iconoclastic winemaker, Manuel Raventos of Raventos i Blanc, a compilation of useful Spanish Cava terms, 30 Spanish cava tasting notes covering brut nature, brut and rose, and a bonus article covering the theory behind winemaking using the traditional method of elaboration. Whew! That’s a considerable amount of information, but we trust you’ll reap the rewards when you sit down tonight with your small novel, crack open a cava alongside a bowl of almonds, and enjoy the read. Wait, we never considered what music pairs well with cava!!! Hmmm, may I suggest Thelonious Monk, Herbie Hancock, or Django Reinhardt, just to name a few, or go the Spanish route with my favorites, Paco Peña, a fantastic southern Andalusian guitarist, and German Ottmar Liebert who composes, performs and records music in a “Nouveau Flamenco” style. I might also look into works from Madrid born guitarist, José Miguel Moreno or Francisco Tárrega.

As for our next Catavino Newsletter, we’re heading west to Rioja! February and March will be dedicated to the most prestigious and renowned wine region in Spain. Although we’ve avoided this region since Catavino’s inception, recognizing the ample amount of press it receives without our help, we feel the time has come to dive straight in and chat about the history, culture, foods, winemaking, and of course, wine of Rioja. And with our newsletter turning into a bi-monthly, rather than monthly, event, we’ve given ourselves a challenge. What?! Gabriella and Ryan challenging themselves? Say it isn’t so! Yeah, yeah, so we’re cognizant that we’ve gained a rather notorious reputation for continually drumming up new ideas, but we wouldn’t be Catavino without them, now would we?! We want to taste, at the very least, 100 wines of Rioja. Can we do it? Can we sneak our way into enough wineries, attend enough wine tastings and sample enough wines in our home? We’re going to emphatically say, yes we can!

If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, the process is simple, go here. You’ll receive an email confirming your address, and then you’re ready to go! And as always, with everything we produce, we ask for your feedback. We want to hear whether the newsletter was interesting for you, if there are elements we should change, or if you feel an addition to the newsletter could be made. Remember, without your input, it’s difficult for us to know if we’re providing you with useful information.


Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

***Special thanks to Rosa Aguado and Manuel Raventos of Raventos i Blanc, Ester Tous and Euldad Massana Noya of Massana Noya, Pinord, Matilde Solé of Celler Josep M. Ferret, Montserrat Amat of Freixenet and Mª Eugenia Puig of D.O. Cava. This newsletter would not have been possible without your contributions.