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Catavino’s Reader Poll – What do you know about Portuguese wine

So we have a few questions for all of you. Portuguese wine month is off to a good start, but we’re realizing that we might not get to everything we want to talk about before the month is over. So I want to ask a few questions and then ask a favor of you all. They’re not tough questions, or ones you need to think about much, but we want to know a bit about what you know of Portuguese wines.
Here are the questions:
Thanks for answering those. Now the favor. If your a blogger who has a TN on any Portuguese wine you’ve tasted in the past year, please leave a link to it in the comments section below or in our forum(Thanks Richard!). Also, let us know if it was a wine that either inspired you to have more wines like it and/or if it made you want to try more Portuguese wines.

Finally, please let us know one question you would like answered about Portugal. Anything about the history, culture or wines/foods. If we like the question, we’ll write a post about it. There has got to be a few of you with questions that you hope to have answered!

That’s it for now. More to come

Ryan Opaz